The Wonderful Homecoming

‘Summer, are you ready?’ asks Oma.      

‘It is time to go.   We don’t want to be late.’ 

‘Oh yes, I am ready Oma.  I can’t wait to go.’ 

They meet Jeannette and Kevin at the entrance to the Orion nebula, they wing their way through the magnificent star-studded cavern.    

It is a wonderful   corridor   of   beauty,   a   perfect entrance   to   the   New Jerusalem, the home of God the Father and His Son. 

When  they  arrive  at  the  holy  city,  there  is  a  buzz  of  excitement.

Angels   are   flying   here   and   there, excited   about   the celebration to take place.   Flowers are being placed along the sides of the pathway leading to the grand hall.    Birds are in the branches to sing their songs of joy among the flowers. 

Jesus and the firstfruits of the redeemed will walk on the golden pathway to meet with the Father.  Angelic harpists will stand all along the  colonnade,  making  melodious  music  as  the  procession  moves along. Everything looks wonderful.   It is an exciting time. 

‘Children’, calls Meilon.     ‘We are over here preparing flowers for the procession.’ 

Waving, they make their way over to the angels. 

‘It is looking so lovely.   The flowers are beautiful Meilon’, comments Jeannette. 

‘And the perfume is heavenly’, adds Summer.  

‘It will be lovely for Jesus to walk along the pathway with perfuming flowers on either side.’ 

‘The birds will be singing too’, puts in Kevin. 

‘And so will we’, adds Betil. 

Summer rejoices.  ‘Oh, I can’t wait.’ 

‘Yes’, says Meilon, ‘it will be wonderful.   We will be singing our special song of victory and exaltation.’ 

When the angels have finished their work of preparation, they make their way to the grand hall. 

It is an exciting time.   

Everyone has something to say about the celebrations. Soon, the Father enters the hall. Everyone is quiet. 

‘Dear ones, it is nearly time for My beloved Son Michael to leave earth.  At present  He  is  speaking  to  His  disciples  who  are gathered on the Mount of Olives.  You can see Him give His final words.’ 

Jesus and His disciples are standing on the Mount of Olives, not far from Bethany. 

‘Dear ones, you must wait for the promise of the Father.    I have told you before that John baptised with water, but you will be baptised with the holy Spirit in ten days.  During those days you are to pray and confess your sin, making everything right with each other and with God.  

You will receive power when the holy Spirit is poured out upon you, and will be witnesses for Me in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.’ 

While Jesus is speaking, His feet begin to rise from the ground. He rises higher and higher, finally disappearing from sight among the clouds.    

Angelic chariots embrace the Saviour and lovingly transport Him through the realms of space into the magnificent Orion nebula. 

The disciples keep looking up.  They can no longer see Jesus, but their eyes remain heavenward. 

Suddenly an angelic voice speaks.  ‘Ye men of Galilee….’ Two angels have remained behind to encourage the disciples. 

‘Why do you stand gazing up into heaven?   This same Jesus will come again as you have seen Him go into heaven.’ 

The disciples give glory to God.    

‘Oh, He is coming back.  Praise God Jesus will return.’   With praise on their lips, and peace in their hearts, the disciples return to the upper room. 

In  a  flash  the  two angels  ascend  to  meet  their  Commander  and  the heavenly procession. 




In the grand hall, the Father speaks. 

‘Angels, My Son has left the earth and will slowly make His way to the gates of the city.   It is time for you to take your places in the colonnade. 

A sentinel will give the sound of a trumpet when the procession reaches the sea of glass.  This time the gates have been shut to await your exaltation in song for the King of glory.   

'Prepare for the welcome of My Son.’ 

Immediately every angel flies to his position along the pathway. 

Flowers are at their feet and the little birds twitter in the branches.  The harpists stand behind the angels, making sure their instruments are in tune.   

Everything looks so beautiful – the flowers, the birds, harpists.   

The children sit where they can overlook the gates and see the sea of glass. Quietness pervades the vast throng as they await the blast of the silver trumpet. Suddenly it pierces the air. The angels in the colonnade await the cry of angelic voices coming from the sea of glass.   Their musical voices sound forth over the doors of the city to the waiting sentinels. 

              ‘Lift up your heads, O ye gates; 

                 and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; 

                   and the King of glory shall come in.’ 

Every angel in the colonnade responds joyously with the question, 

     ‘Who is the King of glory?’ 

The response comes back from the sea of glass, 

              ‘The Lord strong and mighty,  

                  the Lord mighty in battle. 

                     Lift up your heads, O ye gates; 

                        even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; 

                           and the King of glory shall come in.’ 

Again every angel in the colonnade sings the question, 

      ‘Who is the King of glory?’ 

The triumphant reply sounds forth from the sea of glass. 

       ‘The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory.’  

Moses has been given the privilege of opening the gates. Quickly he pushes them open for the King of glory and His attendants to enter the golden pathway. Everyone is overjoyed. 

Amid angelic shouts of victory, the Son makes His way to His Father that He might confirm the acceptance of the redeemed firstfruits of His sacrifice. 

It is a wonderful display of glory and exaltation. 

The angels join in the procession.  

Soon all have walked the pathway and taken their seats in the grand hall. 

The redeemed from the earth are filled with joy and wonder.   They are now in heaven.     Trials are over.      

Their hearts are overwhelmed with thankfulness. 

While the Son of God is with the Father, the angels rejoice and sing songs of love and gratitude.   

Then, shining with glory, the Son emerges from the radiant light of His loving Father. 

Standing before the angelic host, Michael is hailed as the glorious Son of God, Commander of the angelic host, and the Saviour of the human race. 

The Son then presents the resurrected human beings to the angelic host. He calls for Moses, Enoch and Elijah to come forward to meet the new arrivals from earth. 

The angelic choir commences singing.  It is the first heavenly anthem the redeemed have heard, and their hearts are thrilled to overflowing. 

What a welcome they have received.  

Finally it comes time for the angels to embrace their beloved Commander. 

In love and thankfulness, each angel is given an opportunity to encircle his arms around God’s Son in a long, loving hug. 

It is a joyous time. 

The melodious music of harps fills the hall, and happy voices are lifted in praise. 

Each angel makes His way to the Saviour to welcome Him home with a loving embrace. 

Meilon speaks to the children.    

‘You will have an opportunity later to give Jesus a hug. I know you are anxious, but when each angel has had a chance to show his love, it will be your turn. 

Jesus will meet you in a quiet garden.’ 

Betil affirms Meilon’s words. 

‘Yes, our Master wants to speak to you when you are on your own.   It will be easier for you to concentrate.  

In the meantime enjoy yourselves here.    We are going over to meet with Caph, Yosfi, Dani and other friends.’