Adam's First Work

The next morning Adam and his Creator watch the sun come up together.  It is a wonderful start to the first day of the week.   The sunrise is glorious. 

After singing praises to God, Adam is given his instructions for the day. 

‘Son, today your work will be to name the animals.’  

‘Oh, that will be interesting my father,’ he responds. 

The Son then explains that each pair of animals will be brought to him, and Adam is to name them after their kind.  

‘It will be a time for you to get to know all the created creatures. 

‘Will I name the birds too?’ asks Adam. 

The Son smiles, ‘Yes, they will be brought to you..’ 

Adam  is  excited, 

‘Does  this  mean  I  will meet  every  animal  on  the earth? 

‘Yes, you will’, He answers.  

‘Soon the animals will have young ones and earth’s population will increase.  Then there will be too many for you to get to know them all.  In the meantime, enjoy their company.’ 

Adam looks forward to beginning his work. 

The Creator walks among the trees while Adam waits.   He can hear his father’s voice calling an animal. 

‘I wonder what type it will be’, he thinks. Soon the first two animals emerge. 

‘Oh’, exclaims Adam.   ‘How beautiful you are.’   

He runs his hand through the mane of the male and says, ‘I will call you lions.    How strong you are.   You are the king of the beasts.’ 

‘I will enjoy this work’, says Adam to himself. 

He watches the lions disappear into the greenery, and then two tall and graceful animals walk towards him.  Adam is charmed.  

He gently touches their noses and rubs his hands across their backs.  ‘I will call you horses. You are beautiful.’ The horses neigh happily. 

As Adam watches them leave, two little creatures run up to him and just as quickly jump into the nearest tree and swing from branch to branch, you little monkeys. 

Just as suddenly, two graceful animals land in front of Adam.  He is startled.  

‘Oh…..’  he laughs.  ‘You surprised me. I didn’t expect animals to fly, but how beautiful you are.  Your wings are like burnished gold. You look like birds. I will call you serpents.’ 

The serpents rise into the air.  Adam watches as they fade into the distance. 

‘Wow, what a spectacular animal is a serpent.’ 

At the end of the day, Adam realises he has not seen all the animals. 

‘My dear father, it has been a wonderful day, but we are nowhere near finished. I haven’t seen all the animals yet.’ 

‘There is no hurry son.  Just get to know the animals and enjoy them. You have all the time in the world.’ 

Day  after  day  Adam  meets  the  animals.    Each  night  his  sleep  is peaceful and his dreams are sweet.  

One morning there is a loud flapping of wings and two very big birds fly towards Adam.   

‘Oh hello.’  They land on the grass in front of him.

‘You sure have strong wings.   I am certain you can fly very high.   I will call you eagles.’  

The eagles rise from the ground, flying higher and higher.   Adam calls out as they fade from his sight, ‘You are king of the birds.’ 

In a moment, the air is filled with brightly coloured birds, large and small.  They sit on Adam’s arms and his head.   ‘Hey, come off my head so I can see you.’   

The birds fly around in delight and Adam has a great time with them.  

‘I am going to call you all parrots, yes, parrots.’   

Adam is thrilled with their lovely colours. ‘You are all so beautiful.’ 

Many other parrots arrive, all beautiful in their own way.     Some are very large and others quite small.    Two smaller birds Adam names budgerigars. He calls them ‘budgies’ or ‘love birds’. 

The days pass quickly.   Every moment is filled with joyful friendship, not only of the creatures, but also of the Creator. 

After worship that evening, Adam has a question. ‘My father’ he asks, ‘all the animals and birds have mates.  They all came two by two.   Why do they have a friend the same as they are, and I don’t?’ 

The Son smiles. 

‘Adam, it is something I wanted you to see for yourself.  Now that you have noticed, you are to have a surprise.   It will be very special and I know you will love it.’ 

‘Will it be a mate for me?’ asks Adam. 

‘Yes, my child, a special mate in your likeness.’ 

Adam is excited.  ‘When will I receive it my father?’ he asks. 

‘Would you like it tomorrow?’ 

‘Oh yes please.’ 

‘Tomorrow it will be then.’ 

Adam lies down for his rest with happy thoughts of the morrow.  

The Creator bids him farewell until morning.