More ancestors of the seed

When we arrive at the tree of life, the children are anxious to tell Jesus they have found Noah’s son, but there is a problem, he had three sons. ‘Which son is the ancestor of the Seed of the woman?  Shem, Ham or Japheth,’ ask the children together. 

‘Shem is the one’, reveals Jesus.  ‘He is the father of the Jewish people.’ 

Commending the children, He says,  ‘I am glad you looked it up in the Bible.   The Bible is God’s Book and it is holy.’ 

‘Was Jesus a Jew?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘Yes, that’s right’, answers Jesus.  ‘He was born of the tribe of Judah, which is where the name ‘Jew’ comes from.’ 

‘I know the city He was born in?’ laughs Kevin. ‘It is Bethlehem.’ 

‘You are right my boy, the little town of Bethlehem.   It is good to remember these Bible names.’ 

‘Who was Shem’s son?’ asks Summer. 

‘It is an unusual name.   We will add more ancestors of the Seed of the woman and you will see.’ 

                Noah’s son was Shem.                       

                    Shem’s son was Arphaxad.                        

                         Arphaxad’s son was Salah.                         

                             Salah’s son was Eber.

                                 Eber’s son was Peleg.                                  

                                     Peleg’s son was Reu.                                            

                                          Reu’s son was Serug.       

                                               Serug’s son was Nahor.             

                                                    Nahor’s son was Terah.                                            

                                                        Terah son were Abram. 

 Jesus is happy the children are attentive, and asks, ‘Have you heard of Abram?’

 Jeannette volunteers, ‘I have heard of Abraham.’ 

‘It  is  the  same  man’,  says  Jesus.  ‘God  changed  his  name  to  mean ‘father of many nations’.’ 

‘Would the  Seed  of  the  woman  come  through  Abraham?’  enquires Summer. 

‘Yes dear.’ Jeannette asks, 

‘Is Abraham the last generation to the Seed of the woman?’ 

Jesus shakes His head.  ‘No, there are still more generations.’

‘Oh, it’s a long time’, sighs Kevin. 

‘There are many generations dear ones.   We will not go through them all, but let us progress now and later I will tell you. Listen now.’                                         

                Abraham’s son was Isaac.                                  

                    Isaac’s son was Jacob.              

                        Jacob’s  son  was  Reuben,  Simeon,  Levi,  Judah,  Zebulin, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph.  

Jesus stops and waits.

The children whisper to each other and then Jeannette speaks for them all, ‘We know which one, it’s Judah.’ 

‘Well done children.  Now listen to the descendants of Judah.’                                                                                                                    

                  Judah’s son was Pharez                             

                       Pharez’s son was Esrom 

                            Esrom’s son was Aram      

                                  Aram’s son was Amminadab

                                       Amminadah’s son was Naason  

                                           Naason’s son was Salmon  

                                                 Salmon’s son was Boaz                    

                                                       Boaz’s son was Obed 

                                                           Obed’s son was Jesse                         

                                                                 Jesse’s son was David 

Kevin is excited.   ‘I know who David is’, he says.   ‘David fought the giant Goliath?’ 

‘Very good’, replies Jesus. 

‘We won’t go further with the ancestors of the Seed of the woman children.  There are many more and you probably won’t know any of the names.  Counting from Adam to the mother of the Seed is 76 generations.’ 

‘Oh, it is a lot’, says Jeannette. 

‘It would take ages to say them all.’ 

‘Yes it would’, agrees Jesus. 


Now a question for you to answer.    ‘Does anyone know the name of the mother of the Seed?’ 

The children are quiet. They look at each other, hoping someone else will know. 

Summer is thoughtful and asks a question, ‘Is the Seed a Son?’ 

‘Yes, the Seed of the woman is a Son’, He answers.  

‘If you know who this Son is you will know His mother’s name.’ 

Summer says thoughtfully. ‘I think you are the Son.’ 

‘You are right.’  Jesus smiles. 

She adds, ‘And that means your mother is Mary.’ 

‘Oh, I knew that’, puts in Kevin. 

Jesus smiles at Kevin and says,'You all did very well to work out who the Seed of the woman is.  It is God’s only begotten Son----’  

Jeannette interrupts, ‘Then you did have a mother!’ 

Jesus waits a moment, then says gently, ‘Children, there are very big lessons you need to learn.   I will explain some of them to you.    You must listen carefully.   ‘In heaven God’s Son was born of God the Father.    There was no mother, only a loving Father, who called His Son Michael.    When the Son came down to earth to die the penalty for sin, He had to become a human being.  It would not work if He just changed Himself into a human; He needed to be born of a woman so He could be part of the human family.’ 

‘And Mary became your mother’, volunteers Jeannette.  

‘Yes dear’, replies Jesus, ‘but only of humanity.’ 

‘Was Joseph your human father?’ asks Kevin. 

‘No Kevin, when I came to the earth to be part of the human family, I did not have a new father. God is My only Father.’ 

‘Ooooh, this is complicated’, reasons Kevin. 

‘It is children’, agrees Jesus, ‘but you can learn.’ 

‘I think I understand’, says Summer. 

‘I am glad my dear’, He answers.   

‘Always remember that God is My Father, whether I am in heaven or on the earth.  Mary just helped me become part of your family.’ 

‘I understand now’, states Kevin.  

‘It’s like if you wanted to be a lion, you would have to be born to a lady lion.’ 

Jesus smiles.  ‘Yes Kevin.’ 

‘I understand too’, says Jeannette. ‘In heaven your name is Michael. On earth it is Jesus.’ 

‘Yes, I was given the name Yeshua on earth because the Jewish people speak Hebrew, but in English it is Jesus.’ 

The children need to progress further in their understanding and Jesus asks, ‘Do you remember what the Seed of the woman will do?’ 

‘Die?’ answer the children. 

‘Yes’,  He  replies,  ‘but  relating  to  the  words  given to  Lucifer  in  the Garden of Eden.’ 

‘Do you mean about bruising his head?’ asks Jeannette. 

Kevin jumps right in.  ‘I think you should crush his head.’ 

Quietly  Jesus  gives  a  warning,  ‘Always  be  careful  with  your  words Kevin.  

The devil is going to die one day and that is his punishment.’ 

‘Sorry’, says Kevin. 

Jesus gently places his hand on Kevin’s head and continues.    

‘The words to Satan in the Garden of Eden were symbolic.  That’s like Abel’s blood crying from the ground. It wasn’t literal, but it meant something. Satan would bruise the heel of the Seed of the woman, and the Seed of the woman would bruise his head. Those words are not literal, but they mean something important.’ ‘

'Jesus, if you are the Seed of the woman’, suggests Summer, ‘Satan is going to bruise your heel.’ 

‘And you will bruise Satan’s head’, adds Kevin. 

‘Yes, you are both right.  Which would you rather – your heel bruised or your head?’ asks Jesus. 

The children call out together, ‘My heel.’ 

Jesus then explains,  ‘This means that what Satan will do to God’s Son is not as bad as what He will do to the devil.’ 

‘Oh good’, suggests Kevin. 

Summer and Jeannette look at each other, then Jeannette says, ‘But Jesus, the devil crucified you?   That was terrible.   How could you do something worse than that to him?’ 

‘Remember the words are symbolic’, answers Jesus. 

‘I don’t understand’, sighs Kevin. 

‘I will make it clearer -- bruising the heel represents the death of God’s Son on the cross.    And bruising Satan’s head represents his death at the end of time.’ 

The children are puzzled. 

‘But they are the same’, declares Jeannette. 

‘Yes, both end up dead’, puts in Kevin. 

Jesus smiles and says, ‘Are they the same?   Think about it.’ 

The children are quiet. How are they different, yet both die? 

Suddenly Jeannette answers, ‘I know----’ 

Before she can finish her sentence, Summer states the same, ‘I know too.’ Jesus stops them from saying any more and turns to Kevin, ‘Do you know yet son?’  

The boy shakes his head. ‘Think a little longer.’ 

The girls are anxious to give their answers, but Jesus bids them wait. 

Soon Kevin says, ‘I think I know.’ 

Jesus tells him to whisper the answer in His ear.     ‘Mmmm’.   

He smiles at Kevin and nods, saying to the girls, ‘Alright young ladies, tell me.’ 

Jeannette and Summer quickly respond, ‘You came alive again.’ 

Jesus turns to Kevin and asks, ‘Are they right?’ 

Kevin smiles and says with a loud voice, ‘YES.’ 

‘Children,  this  is  enough  for  today.  You  have  learnt  many  things. Tomorrow is a surprise.’ 

‘A surprise?’