The Bibliography is very general, but many references are given for the reader who wishes to look them up. 

All conversation and most scenes are imaginary, but the overall story is based on the facts of Scripture.  Some points are implied or seen only in the Hebrew.  Others are taken from Christians books that have been a blessing. These give insights of obscure points, for which study of the Scriptures is necessary to confirm. 


Chapter 1              Beyond Orion  

1.   In order of quotes:   *  In 1656, astronomer Christian Huygens was the first to describe the nebula as “an opening in the sky”.  * Modern equipment has proven him to be correct.  From book ‘Starry Realms’ p12    * Stated by the Director of the Russian Observatory in the Middle Ages.  * Professor Hyde of the University of Southern California     * Compendium of Astronomy p328.      * Professor Hyde, University of Southern California.     * The New Jerusalem will come through the “open space” in the Orion nebula.  Early Writings 42.  Astronomers tell us the universe is revolving around a certain point and we are almost at the centre, which means the holy city is not far away, relatively speaking. The rest of the chapter is based on the following texts: Revelation 21 and 22.   1 Corinthians 2:9.10. John 14:2.3.  Isaiah 66:23. Revelation 2:7. 


Chapter 2             The Light of God     

This chapter is based on the following: Revelation 21:23.  Psalm 104: 1.2. 1 Timothy 6:16. Matthew 16:15.16. Matt 26:63.64. Mark 14:61-62. John 14:7-11. John 8:42. 16:27-31.  17:6-8. John 3:16-18. Matthew 1:21. Daniel 9:25.26.10:21. 12:1.  Isaiah 6:2. John 17:5.24.  Revelation 1:13-15.  Daniel 7:10.  Revelation 5:11.  Luke 1:19.  Exodus 34:29.30. 


Chapter 3            The Message from God   

This chapter is based on the following:   Revelation 12:9. Isaiah 14:12-14. Ezek 28:17. Ezek 28:16.  Zech 4:14. Mark 16:19.  Romans 8:34.  Acts 2:33. The message from God is the beginning of a most important subject that everyone needs to understand, as it is about ‘who’ we worship. 

Chapter 4         Heaven is Changing  

This chapter is based on the following:   Isaiah 14:13.14.   In  John 17:3, God and Christ are spoken of separately.  They are two distinct persons, and from the rest of the chapter and all Scripture, we can see that the Word is Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of the living God.  See John 1:14. 1Corinthians 8:4-6.  Hebrews 1:1-3.  and many  others.


Chapter 5          Heaven is a Sad Place    

This chapter is based on the following:   Romans 6:23.  Revelation 20:  Ezekiel 28:17.18.19.  Isaiah 14:12-20. Hebrews 1:1.2. John 1:10. Job 38:7. 


Chapter 6       The Earth is Created    

This  chapter  is  based  on  the  following:    Genesis  1:4-8. Genesis  2:5.6.  Genesis  1:7.  Genesis  7:4.  9:13-17.    Genesis  7:11.12.  Genesis  1:12. Genesis 1:20-22. Genesis 1:20-22. Genesis 1:24.25. Genesis 2:7. Genesis 2:7. PP 45:46. Genesis 1:31.    Genesis 1:23-26. 2:1-3. Lev 23:32. Genesis 2:25 in Hebrew is not completely naked.  Genesis 3:10 is Hebrew is completely naked.  Chinese writings and others speak of Adam and Eve being clothed with light.  Genesis 2:2.3. Exodus 20:8-11. Isaiah 58:13.14.  Matthew 18:20. We do not know is sunsets and sunrises were possible in the beginning, as dust and clouds play a large part in the beauty and colour we see today. 


Chapter 7        Adam’s First Work  

This chapter is based on the following: Genesis 2:19.20.  Many Christians think naming all the animals was done on the sixth day before the Sabbath began.  This is not possible.   How long it took we do not know, but it could have been some weeks as suggested in the story.   Genesis 2:19.20.    The serpent was an animal, although it flew.    After being cursed, it had to slither along the ground like a snake.  In ancient history, and even today in China and other places, the flying serpent is an object of worship. Although it has been corrupted, it still reflects the truth of the Bible. The Bible uses the term ‘serpent’ when referring to snakes. Numbers 21:6.9. Genesis 2:18.19.20. 

Chapter 8          A Surprise for Adam  

This chapter is based on the following: Genesis 2:21.22. Genesis 2:23. Genesis 3:20.  We have given Eve her name earlier than in the Bible.  Again, we do not know if there were beautiful sunsets without clouds and dust.    No doubt there were other beautiful things we do not see now. The stars would have been magnified with the water canopy overhead.   Matthew 4:4.7. 


Chapter 9       Adam and Eve are Warned 

This chapter is based on the following:  Genesis 2:9.16. Genesis 2:17. Genesis 3:19.   Joshua 25:15.20-24.  Matthew 6:24.  Luke 12:8.9.  Romans 10:9.10.   

Chapter 10       Earth’s Sad Day 

This chapter is based on the following:  The time is based on the 6000-year reign of sin we are now in overtime by about fifteen to twenty years. 4004BC + 2015 = 6019.   As God will keep to His timeframe of 6000 years, it’s obvious the count of earth’s history must begin after Adam sinned.   This means Adam and Eve lived happily in the Garden of Eden for possibly twenty years before they sinned.  Of course the 4004BC is in dispute as well, possibly being 4006BC, so this will add some time to the 6000. Satan praised Eve with “subtle praise of her surpassing loveliness.”  Patriarchs and Prophets 54.  Genesis 3:1. Genesis 3:2.3. Genesis 3:4. Genesis 3:5. Genesis 3:6.  Genesis 3:6.  Genesis 3:7. “Satan cast the blame of his rebellion upon Christ and in determined hatred of God, sought to wound Him through the fall of man.” Bible Echo.  Nov 1. 1892.  Satan “determined to make man his victim and the earth his kingdom.”  Ibid. 1 Peter 5:8. Psalm 119: 


Chapter 11      The Good News    

This chapter is based on the following:   The good news of the Bible in many places - John 3:16. and others.


Chapter 12       The Plan of Redemption    

This  chapter  is  based  on  the  following:  Genesis  3:9.  Genesis  3:10.  Genesis  3:11. Genesis 3:11. Genesis 3:12.   Genesis 3:13.   Genesis 3:14. Genesis 3:15. Genesis 3:16.  Genesis 3:17-19.  Many think God killed the animal, but the sinner must always slay the lamb.   Adam as the priest of the home did it for his wife. 1 Timothy 1:15.   Romans 5:6-9. Hebrews 9:18. Genesis 3:21. Isaiah 61:10. Isaiah 45:21. Matthew 1:21. Genesis 3:22-24. Genesis 3:24. Hebrews 4:15. To redeem means ‘to ransom, repurchase, rescue, liberate, recover, deliver, free,   reclaim,   retrieve,   regain,   save, atone.’   Hebrew   9:2.10-14.  1 Corinthians 15:24-28. John 14:15.  1 John 2:1. Revelation 20:7-10.14.15. Malachi 4:1. Revelation 3:5 21:4. 1 Thess 4:16.17. Isa 25:8.9. 26:9. 22:3.4.    At first Satan did not understand the sacrifices. Eventually he realised that God’s Son would come down to earth.  Satan was determined he would kill him.  He did not understand the plan of salvation.  


Chapter 13       The Seed of the Woman  

This chapter is based on the following:    Isaiah 65:17-18.  11:6-9. Revelation 21:1. Genesis 4:1.  The angels now know Satan is evil. It was the cross that severed the angels from any sympathy for Lucifer. John 3:16. John 5:26. Genesis 4:2. We assume that a shepherd made clothing for the family, but they did not eat the meat.  Genesis 4:3.  Cain works with the ground, and the fruit of the ground are vegetables, even though they are called fruit in the Bible.  They are distinct from Genesis 1:29. Genesis 4:3. Genesis 4:4. Genesis 4:5. Genesis 4:6.7. Genesis 4:8. Genesis 4:9 Genesis 4:10. Genesis 4:11.12. Genesis 4:16. 1 John 1:7.9. 


Chapter 14        Ancestors of the Seed    

This chapter is based on the following: Genesis 5:3.4. Genesis 6:6. Genesis 2:16.17. Romans 6:23. Genesis 5:4.5.  Genesis 5:3-27. Genesis 5:28.29. Genesis 6:3. John 7:17.   1 John 2:4.   John 8:32.   Matthew 6:24.  Luke 16:13. Genesis 7:1.  1 Peter 3:20.  Eight people saved in the ark.  Genesis 7:7-9. The pictures show a lifesize model ark (but still scale) built in Holland, built for the public.  It also shows the ark today as it was found in Turkey, and acknowledged by the Turkish government.


Chapter 15       More Ancestors of the Seed  

This chapter is based on the following:  Genesis 5:32. Revelation 22:18.19. Everything relating to God is holy – His Word, His sanctuary, His Law, His throne, and He is holy. Isaiah 6:3. Genesis 49:10. This is a Messianic verse. Revelation 5:5.  Micah 5:2. Genesis 11:10-26. Genesis 17:5. Genesis 30. Genesis 49:10. Revelation 5:5. Genesis 21:1-3. 49:3-27.   Matthew 1:3-6. 1 Samuel 17:4-11. 26.27. 38-51. Luke 1:23-38.  Joseph’s line has a couple less. Mary’s line is 76 to her. Galatians 3:16.    Matthew 1:25. Daniel 9:25.26. 10:13. 12:1.  Jude 9. 


Chapter 16       Making New Friends    

This chapter is based on the following:   This earth is the only planet with sin, therefore, the created sons of God on other planets would be beautiful. Exodus 14:22.29. Exodus 14:19.20. Number 9:15.16. 14:14. Exodus 13:21. Nehemiah 9:12.19.  Isaiah 4:5.6. 1 Corinthians 10:1-4.  Colossians 1:27.   2 Corinthians 1:22. 5:5.  1 Kings 19:12. At the end, only those who obey all the commandments, including the 4th, will be ready to meet Jesus.  However, this is the fruit of surrender, it is not the means of Salvation, which is Christ and His atoning work for humanity.  Romans 6:23.  Salvation is all of Christ and we can add nothing to it.  God wants to change our characters to fit us to live in heaven.  Sin will not rise a second time.  It is now we are to overcome by the grace and power of Christ.  Kevin was to read Numbers 13:1.17-33; 14:1-33; 16:1-35; 20:1-13; 21:4-9. Pictures show the actual Red Sea crossing site.  They also show some of the wheel axles now covered in coral.  There are many at this site.  Also a representation  of Egyptian soldiers being drowned.,


Chapter 17      They did not Die     

This chapter is based on the following: Numbers 13:1.17-33;  14:1-35. It is assumed Elijah has mansion of his own.  Isaiah 26:19.    1 Thessalonians 4:16.17.  John 14:1-4.     It is assumed each will be given a mansion of their own. We do not really know if they have the name on the door,  but it is something we suggest to children.  It is also assumed the mansions are real.  The water of life is for the redeemed, and also the tree of life.   Isaiah 66:23. Revelation 22:14. Exodus 5:23.2 4. Hebrews 11:5.6. 


Chapter 18         The Seed Arrives  

This chapter is based on the following:  Isaiah 40:3-5.  Matt 3:1-17. Mark 1:1-11. Luke 3:1-16.  Rom 6:23. Luk 2:1-7. 2:818. Micah 5:2.  


Chapter 19        Report of the Angels  

This chapter is based on the following:   1 Sam 17:32-51.    2 Thes 2:7.   1 Tim 3:16. Matt 2:1-18. Micah 5:2. Matt 2:12. Ps 119:11. 105.  


Chapter 20          Messiah is Anointed      

This chapter is based on the following:  1 John 1:9.  Matt 3:13-17.  Matt 4:1-10.   Jesus did not have evil thoughts or propensities like we do, however, He was tempted in all the principle ways we are tempted – to be angry, to disobey His Father’s will, to give in to temptation, to allow tiredness to affect His decisions etc. 


Chapter 21       Teaching and Healing   

This chapter is based on the following:     Heb 12:4.   Heb 4:5.     Luk 6:17-19. Matt 4:24.25. Mark 3:8.   Matt 5:3.4.5.   Mat 5:17-20. 22-26.   Mat 5:43-48. Matt 6:9-15. John 3:1-8.  Act 8:1-3.  9:1-22.  Jam 4:7. 19.20.  Numb 15:38.  Ex 24:10.  Rom 5:15-19.  Gal 3:7-9. Gal 2:16.20. Isa 64:6. 


Chapter 22       Parables and Condemnation    

This chapter is based on the following:   Heb 1:1.2.   Col 1:12-17.   John 1:1-3. 10.14. Matt 22:15-21. Matt 22:23-30.  Matt 21:33-46.  Matt 22:15- 46.   Mar 12:13-40.   Luk 20:20-47.   Luk 4:16-30. Gal 3:10. John 18:14.   


Chapter 23       Woes and Supper  

This chapter is based on the following:   Luk 22:7-18.24. John 13:1-17.  DA 642-651. 652-661.  Matt 26. Luk 20:45-47.  Matt 23:38.  Luk 20:1-47.  “As He (Christ) ate the Passover with His disciples, He instituted in its place the service that was to be the memorial of His great sacrifice.   The national festival of the Jews was to pass away forever.    The service which Christ established was to be observed by His followers in all lands and through all ages.

Chapter 24       Suffering and Betrayal 

This chapter is based on the following:  Matt 26. Mark 14:32-50.   Luk 22:39-53. John 18:1-12.   In Gethsemane, Christ felt that by sin He was  being separated  from  His  Father.   The gulf  was  so broad, so black, so deep, that His spirit shuddered before it.   This agony He must not exert His divine power to escape.


Chapter 25        The Illegal Trial  

This chapter is based on the following:   Matt 26:57-75. 27:1.  Mar 14:53-72. 15:1. Luke 22:54-71. John 18:13-27.  Matt 27:2.11-31. Mark 15:1-20.  Luk 23:1-25.  John 178:28- 40. 19:1-16.  DA 698-715. 721-722.    DA 723-739. Jesus knew that in a moment, by the flashing forth of His divine power, He could lay His cruel tormentors in the dust. This made the trial the harder to bear. Luk 23:2.14. John 18:29.30. 


Chapter 26          The Cruel Cross 

This chapter is based on the following:  Matt 27:31- 53.  Mar 15:20-38.  Luk 23:26-46.  John 19:16-30.  John 19:16-30.  Luk 23:34. Mark 15:34.  Psalm 22. By His life and His death, Christ proved that God’s justice did not destroy His mercy, but that sin could be forgiven. Satan’s charges were refuted. 


Chapter 27       Sabbath in Heaven  

This chapter is based on the following:    Luk 23:50-56.  John 19:38-42. Mark 15:42-47.  Matt 27:57-66. In the beginning the Father and the Son had rested upon the Sabbath after Their work of creation.  Now Jesus rested from the work of redemption.

Chapter 28       The Glorious Resurrection  

This chapter is based on the following:    Matt 28:2-4.   11-15.   Matt 28:1.5-8/ Mark 16:1-8.   Luk 24:1-12.   John 20:118.   Luk 24:13-33.   Luk 24:33-48. John 20:19-29.    The dead Saviour needed the Word of His Father.  All who love Jesus and live for Him, keeping all His commandments, will be resurrected by the power of Jesus.  Praise God. 


Chapter 29         The Long Wait 

This chapter is based on the following:   Experience and imagination.   Rev 22:14. 


Chapter 30        The Wonderful Homecoming  

This chapter is based on the following:  Matt 28:16-20. Luk 24:50-53.  Act 1:9-12.  Ps 24:7-10.  Christ refused to receive the homage of His people until He had the assurance that His sacrifice was accepted by the Father.


Chapter 31       Farewell Children  

This chapter is based on the previous chapters, plus heaven’s imagination for the author.  It is also based on the love of God and His Son for all the children of the world. The children do not boast that they will stay faithful, but trust in Jesus to keep them faithful, as they do their part.   The Bible has the words ‘fear not’ or similar 365 times in the Bible, plus an extra one for the leap year.   So every day of the year all Christians can praise the Lord that He understands our fears, but that He will never leave or forsake us. 


It is hoped that the points of difference do not take away the blessing of the book as a whole. 

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