the seed arrives

‘Jesus, where are we going for our lesson today?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘It will probably be a mansion?’ says Kevin. 

‘We are not going to a mansion today, but a lovely place.    I am sure you will like it.’ 

Instead of walking past mansions and beautiful gardens, a number of angels meet us.  

After introductions, Jesus says, ‘We will go by angelic chariot to our meeting place.’ 

Suddenly we are whisked away by the angels.    It is hard to tell how they are supporting us, but we fly very fast above the gardens and mansions, and out the gates of the city. 

‘Oh, we are going to another planet’, calls Kevin, but his voice wafts into space. 

‘This must be how Enoch went to heaven’, thinks Summer. 

Jeannette  waves  as  her  chariot  passes  Kevin.    They  are  nearing  a planet, and in a moment their feet touch the ground.   The children turn to thank the angels, but they have gone. 

‘Where are the angels who carried us?’ asks Jeannette.  

Jesus smiles. ‘They have returned to the New Jerusalem.’ 

‘But we just landed’, says Kevin. ‘How could they go back so fast?’ 

Jesus smiles at him.  

‘Angels travel very fast.’ 

‘Wow’, says Kevin, as he demonstrates their swiftness with his arms. 

The children look around.   There is no one to greet them.    

Summer asks, ‘Jesus, are there no beautiful people here?’ 

‘Not at present’, He replies, ‘but they do come here for relaxation. Come, let us walk.’ 

We walk towards a forest of giant trees. 

‘Oh, these trees are lovely’, remarks Jeannette. 

Oma loves the soft green moss around their trunks. 

‘You sink into it, like Elijah’s cushions’, laughs Kevin. 

‘I have never seen flowers like these before’, observes Summer. 

Jeannette turns to Jesus.  

‘The flowers are so pretty.   I would love to come here after school to relax.  It is a beautiful place to rest. 

Jesus smiles. 

When they are all seated comfortably on the soft mossy grass, Jesus tells the children they are going to discuss the arrival of the Seed of the woman. 

‘But first of all we will talk about My earthly cousin, John.’ 

‘John the Baptist’, suggests Kevin.

‘Yes’,  replies  Jesus.    ‘John  was  the  forerunner  of  the  Seed  of  the woman.    We will call Him Messiah as this was the title given to the Jewish people.      Although John and Jesus were cousins, they did not meet until the day Jesus went to the River Jordan to be baptised.’ 

‘How did John know it was Jesus?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘John had been promised a sign. When the Messiah came up out of the water, the Spirit of God would fall upon Him.’ 

‘It was a dove’, says Kevin. 

‘Was it the bright light?’ asks Summer. 

‘Yes it was the bright light.   God sent some of the light of His Spirit down to Jesus, and as it came near Him, it took the shape of a dove.’ 

Summer is fascinated. ‘Oh, can the Spirit make itself into shapes?’ 

‘God can do anything He wants to’, replies Jesus. 

Summer is amazed at God’s abilities. 

‘Children, the Spirit is a mystery you cannot understand, but always remember, it is God’s way to be with His children throughout the universe. Be thankful that by His Spirit God can dwell in you to give His character and power to obey His Law.’ 

‘You  can be with us by the Spirit too, can’t you Jesus?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘Yes dear, the Father and I are one in nature.  We work together in all things.   My Father has given Me authority to do many things among the angels, the other worlds, and especially in your home.   By the Spirit I can be even closer to those who surrender than when I was living on the earth.’ 

‘What about those who don’t surrender?’ asks Summer. 

‘The Spirit works with them too’, says Jesus, ‘but does not dwell in their minds.’ 

‘You work from the outside?’ suggests Kevin. 

‘Yes young man, that’s right.  My Father and I plead with the people to surrender.’ 

‘Jesus, do we have to have the Spirit inside to go to heaven?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘Yes my dear’, He replies. 


‘It is a very good question’, responds Jesus.  ‘The Spirit prepares you for heaven.   It actually changes you on the inside.’ 

‘Does it make us holy like God?’ asks Summer. 

Jesus explains.    ‘It is only the Spirit that is holy.   If you have the Spirit within, God sees you as holy because He is there.   You must keep choosing to let the Spirit work within you though.  Otherwise the Spirit will eventually leave you.’ 

‘And we will be lost’, volunteers Kevin. 

‘Yes, that is right.    Always remember the story of Adam and Eve and what happened to them for one little sin.’ 

‘Sin is serious, whether it is big or small I guess.’ suggests Jeannette. 

‘Oh, it’s soooo good’, sighs Jeannette.  ‘I love this place.’ 

‘Look, there’s a butterfly’, says Summer.  

She sits up and watches it flit from flower to flower. 

Jeannette breathes deeply. ‘It is all so wonderful.’ 

Everyone enjoys the time of relaxation.                                                                                            

After a pleasant rest, Jesus announces that they must return to the New Jerusalem. 

Angels appear, and soon they are winging their way back to the holy city. They pass through the gates and their feet touch the banks of the river of life. 

Jesus asks the children to sit down on the river bank. 

‘Children, I have something to tell you.   Please listen carefully.  I must leave you now, but you will see Me in heaven’s imagination in a little while.’ 

‘Are you going to earth?’ asks Kevin. 

‘Yes son, it is now time.’ 


‘Joseph, is it far to Bethlehem?’ asks Mary. 

‘No my dear, not very far.  Look, the lights of the inn are just up ahead. We will have a warm bed for you soon.’ 

Joseph makes enquiries at the inn.   

‘Do you have a room for two?’ 

‘Sorry. The inn is full because of the census ordered by Caesar.’ ‘

But my wife is about to have her baby.   Can you please find us a room?’

‘They are all full.  I am sorry…..  But… perhaps you could sleep in the stable.   It has sheep and cattle, but you can make yourself comfortable on the straw.’  

‘Thank you’, says Joseph, and he leads Mary to the stable.  

Finding a corner away from the animals, he lays out clean straw and helps Mary lie down. 

During the night the Seed of the woman is born. 

Mary is so happy.  Her little one is a miracle baby.  

She holds Him close and whispers softly, ‘The angel said Your name is to be Yeshua.’

Joseph agrees, ‘Yeshua it will be.’ 

                                                   * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile shepherds are watching over their sheep in the field.   It is a beautiful night with the stars twinkling overhead. 

‘When do you think the Messiah will be born?’ asks one shepherd to his friends. 

'It should be soon. We have waited a long time.’ 

‘At least we are in the fields of the right town’, says another. 

‘Yes, Bethlehem is the birthplace of the Messiah.    Maybe we will see Him.’ 

The shepherds fall into silent thought.  

Suddenly the glory of the Lord surrounds them. 

‘Ooooh’, they exclaim. 

The shepherds are fearful and unable to speak. 

‘Fear not’, says an angel to the shepherds, ‘I have come to bring you good tidings of great joy for all people.’ 

Filled with awe, the shepherds listen intently to his words. 

‘Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, Messiah, the Lord.  You will find Him lying in a manger wrapped in white cloth.’ 

The angel disappears. 

In a moment the whole sky lights up with hundreds of angels singing praises to God. 

‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward men.’ 

The shepherds are thrilled by the sound of their holy and melodious voices. 

‘It is so beautiful.’ 

The singing ends and the glory fades away.  The sky returns to its blackness and stars twinkle once more. 

With great excitement, the shepherds exclaim, ‘Let us go into Bethlehem  and  see  the  baby  in the manger.’ 

‘Yes, let’s go.’ 

‘Who  will  look  after  the sheep?’ asks one of the shepherds. 

‘Let’s call our hired hand to take over’, suggests another. 

‘Yes, this is too good to miss.’

The shepherds hurry off to find the hired hand. 

‘This is the fulfilment of our longings’, calls one of the shepherds. 

The children have many questions for Jesus, but He is nowhere to be seen. They look up and down the river, but He is not there. Summer  calls  a passing  angel,  ‘Excuse  me  angel,  but  do  you  know where Jesus is?’ ‘My Master is on the earth.  He has a work to do for your people.  He will be a long time.  It will be too long for you to wait.’ Summer asks, ‘Do you know where Meilon and Betil are?’ 

‘Yes, would you like to see them?’ 

 Jeannette and Summer answer together, ‘Oh please, can you ask them to come and talk to us?’  

‘It is so beautiful.’ 

The singing ends and the glory fades away.  The sky returns to its blackness and stars twinkle once more. 

With great excitement, the shepherds exclaim, ‘Let us go into Bethlehem and  see  the  baby  in the manger.’ 

‘Yes, let’s go.’ 

‘Who  will  look  after  the sheep?’ asks one of the shepherds. 

                                                      * * * * * * * * * * *

In a moment Meilon and Betil arrive. 

‘Thank you for coming’, greets Summer.  

‘We thought we would be able to talk to Jesus, but an angel said He will be away a long time.’ 

‘Yes, it will be a long time’,   agrees Meilon, ‘but if you have questions, we will try to answer them.’ 

Summer and Jeannette both have the same thought, and they ask their questions one after the other. 

Jeannette is concerned.   ‘Will we have to wait until He comes back to heaven before we can talk to Him again?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘Yes’, replies Betil. 

‘How long will it be?’ asks Kevin. 

‘A long time’, he answers.  

‘But if you want to keep coming here, we will try to answer your questions.’ ‘Oh will you?’ asks Jeannette.

‘We would like that’, adds Summer. 

Meilon and Betil look at each other and whisper, ‘We need to go.’ 

The two angels turn to the children and say, ‘The angels who sang for the shepherds have just returned and we want to hear what they have to say.’ 

‘Can’t we hear?’ asks Kevin. 

'I will tell you tomorrow’, promises Meilon.  ‘I think it’s time for you to go now.’ 

‘Come back tomorrow, adds Betil, as he flies off with Meilon. 

‘We will.’