A Message from God

‘Children, come with me and I will give you the message from My Father.’

Jesus takes us to a room where the walls are made of sparkling diamonds. Beautiful blue sapphires are scattered around the walls, and the diamonds reflect the lovely blue of these precious stones.

Glancing about the room, we exclaim in delight, ‘Oh how beautiful.’ Comfortable chairs are ready for us to sit down.

Jesus sits beside us and says, ‘Now I will tell you the message My Father gave for you.’

His voice is gentle as He speaks. ‘My Father said it would be good for you to hear the true story of the rebellion of Lucifer, and why he was cast out of heaven.’

‘Ooooh’, the children exclaim together.

Querying them, Jesus asks, ‘Do you know who Lucifer is now?’

‘Yes’, moans Kevin. ‘It is Satan.’ 

‘That’s right Kevin.  It is a sad story.’ 

Jesus continues. ‘Lucifer was created a very beautiful angel. All the angels are beautiful, but Lucifer was more beautiful than any other angel. He had a magnificent voice and could sing the highest notes. His worship songs were beautiful. We loved him so very much.’ 

‘Why did he rebel?’ asks Jeannette.

‘This is what My Father wants you to know. Are you ready?

‘Yes, we are ready.’

Jesus proceeds with the story. ‘My Father planned to create a new world with human beings on it. It is now your home, but then it did not exist.  We discussed it in the heavenly councils. My Father and I met in the light that surrounds the throne.  No one else was there, no other angel, not even Lucifer. Only the Son is permitted to take part in these councils.’   

When Lucifer realised the Father and Son were in discussion about something important, he became jealous.   Later when the announcement was made that a new world would be created, Lucifer was angry.  He wanted to have a part in the creation of this new world.    

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‘Did Lucifer tell the other angels he was angry?’ wonders Kevin.

‘No’, replies Jesus. ‘Lucifer did not tell anyone his feelings. Everyone thought he was happy to hear of the new world, but in his heart, a war was raging.’ 

‘I have a question Jesus’, says Summer. ‘Did Lucifer know he was not allowed to go to the councils with the Father?’

‘Yes, he knew’, He answers.

‘Then why would he be jealous?’ she asks.

The face of Jesus saddens. 

‘He began to think he should sit on the throne with God, instead of near the throne. His heart was becoming proud.’ 

‘Our lesson books tell us Lucifer became proud because of his beauty’, says Kevin. 

‘This is true’, answers Jesus sadly. ‘He saw his reflection in the shining walls and realised he was beautiful.  This made him think he was better than the other angels, and little by little thought he should have more power.’

‘Didn’t he know he was beautiful?’ asks Jeanette.

‘Yes’, nods Jesus, ‘he knew, but it did not matter before. His mind was on God and how to please Him.’


The children continue listening to Jesus.  ‘Every angel is beautiful, and it does not matter who is the most beautiful. No one thinks about their own beauty.  Beauty of character is what counts. Lucifer forgot this and only thought of himself. He had been the first of the covering cherubs, very close to the throne.  He was created as close as possible to the likeness of God.  A light shone from his face that glowed all around him. He was leader of the angels, next to God’s Son.’  

Jesus becomes very quiet and speaks thoughtfully, ‘We loved him so much. We still love him.’

Amazed, the children ask, ‘You still love him?’

‘Yes’, He says. ‘We do not like what he is doing, but our love doesn’t change.’

‘Ooooh, your love is so big?’ exclaims Kevin.

‘Yes children, the love of God doesn’t change.’

Standing up, Jesus tells us, ‘You will now be able to hear in heaven’s imagination what it was like when Lucifer began to feel jealous.’



Our minds begin to focus many years earlier when Lucifer came from worship one evening.    His thoughts were new and strange – Did the Father like his worship song? 

The angelic choir had joined in the chorus, but his own voice sounded more beautiful than the combined voices of the choir.  Everyone thrilled to hear Lucifer sing. 

Seeing a friend, Lucifer asks, ‘Meilon, do you think the Father and the Son enjoyed my new hymn for worship this evening?’ Surprised Meilon replies, ‘Of course they liked it.  They always do.  Why do you ask?’ 

‘Oh, I just wondered’, murmurs Lucifer. 

‘But why would you wonder?’ queries Meilon. 

Lucifer backs off.  ‘Oh, I don’t know’, he says. ‘Never mind.   I am sure they liked it.’ 

Meilon  walks  away  puzzled. Why  would  Lucifer  even  think  such thoughts? He decides not to think about it. 

 Later his friend asks, ‘Meilon, did Lucifer ask if the Father liked his worship song.’ 

‘Yes he did Betil.’ 

‘Don’t you think it a strange question Meilon?’ 

‘Mmmm, it is, but let’s not worry.’ 

Meanwhile  Lucifer  encounters  another  friend  and  puts  the  same question to him. 

‘Yami, do you think the Father and Son enjoyed my worship song this evening?’ 

‘Sure, they always like your worship songs’, he answers. 

‘It would be good if they told me, don’t you think?’ suggests Lucifer.  

Surprised Yami cautions, ‘You write your songs as worship, not for your own glory.’ 

‘Of course. You are right’, agrees Lucifer. ‘Thank you.’ 

Yami leaves puzzled. 

In a little while, Yami joins Meilon and Betil who are discussing the subject with Caph, Togo and Yosfi. 

‘Yami’, asks Meilon, ‘did Lucifer ask you if the Father and Son enjoyed his worship song?  We saw him talking to you just now.’  

‘Yes, he did ask me.   It seems strange, but I am not going to think about it.  Why don’t we just forget it?’     

‘We would Yami’, suggests Betil, ‘but Lucifer seems to be saying the same thing to   everyone he meets.   It doesn’t make sense.   Why would he do that?’ 

‘I don’t know’, replies Yami. 

‘ Why not ask him?’ Togo volunteers, 

‘Alright, I will ask him.’ 

‘Good idea Togo’, says Meilon.  ‘He is your friend.’ 

Sometime later, Togo finds Lucifer and puts the concern of the angels to him. 

‘Greetings My friend.  I have a question for you.  A few of the angels have told me you have asked them if the Father and the Son enjoyed your worship song this evening.  Your question puzzles them.  Why do you ask? ‘Thank you Togo for coming to me’, answers Lucifer. Togo smiles and listens to Lucifer’s reply. 

‘There has been a misunderstanding among the angels.  I know the Father and the Son enjoy my worship songs, but that is not the point is it?   We are assembled to worship the Father and His Son, not to glory in my ability to compose the music and write the words.  If you would try and convey my true position to the angels I would be grateful.’ 

‘Yes, Lucifer, I will do that for you’, agrees Togo. 

As Lucifer is a covering cherub next to the Son, and the beloved leader of the angels, it is very difficult for them to think Lucifer is not being honest.  He has been making strange suggestions for some time, and the angels are puzzled.   No one doubts his honesty. 




‘Jesus, did you know what Lucifer was doing?’ asks Jeanette. 

‘Yes’, He assures her, ‘My Father and I knew.’ The children all ask together, ‘Why didn’t you stop him?’ 

Jesus answers sadly. 

‘Dear ones, you will learn more about it as you come to understand the great controversy.  My Father and I did not leave Lucifer without our counsel.  We often talked to him.   We plead with him not to follow the path he was walking, but he would not stop. 

‘Lucifer’s heart was becoming hard, and he would not put his jealous feelings aside.  He wanted to sit at the right hand of God’s throne and have the Son’s power.’ 

The children look at each other.   Their thoughts are the same, and with sadness they blurt out, ‘But that’s where you sit!’ 

‘Yes children, you are right. Lucifer wanted the authority of the Son, but not His character.’ 

‘What happened then?’ asks Kevin. 

Children, you must be tired’, suggests Jesus.  ‘It is time you rested.   Go back home now and think about all you have heard. Tomorrow you will learn how Lucifer changed heaven.’ 

‘Changed it from being happy?’ queries Jeannette.  

Jesus just smiles.