the light of god

Summer, we are going to the holy city soon and two other friends are coming with us. We will meet them at the entrance of the Orion Nebula.’

‘Oh good’, says Summer.

She is very happy to meet Jeannette and Kevin, and after smiles and introductions, they travel through the Orion Nebula together.  

Entering the pearly gates, we walk along the river to the tree of life.

The light is still shining brightly. Even when we turn our heads, the glow can be seen everywhere. It lights heaven and makes everything sparkle.  

Suddenly a voice speaks to us, ‘Hello’.  

It is an angel, dressed in a long white robe.  He has two big feathery wings.

‘Can I help you?’ he asks.

We turn from the light to see his lovely smile, ‘I see you have been looking at the light of God.’

‘Oh, is that God?’ asks Kevin. 

The angel then explains, ‘The light surrounds God. It comes from Him. He is its source, like a fountain.  He sits on the glorious throne of the universe and the light covers Him.’ 

Jeannette asks, ‘Can we see God?’

Our angel becomes very serious and shakes his head. ‘No earthly children. If you saw God you would die.’  

‘How do we know what God is like then?’ queries Kevin.

The angel looks into the distance a moment, then turns to us and asks, ‘Have you seen our Commander? He is just like God because He is God’s Son.’  

Excited the children say, ‘It is Jesus.  He is God’s only begotten Son’.  

‘Yes’, answers the angel, happy to talk about his Commander. 

He continues. ‘When God’s Son went to earth He was given the name Yeshua, which is in the Hebrew language. In English it is Jesus. But His name was Michael before He went to earth. He is our loved Commander.’   

‘Can we see Him?’ asks Kevin.

Our angel looks at us closely and enquires, ‘Do you love Jesus?’

‘Oh yes’, we all reply.

‘Then I will take you to see Him.’

Walking the golden streets, we pass beautiful gardens of flowers. The perfume is so wonderful.

Angels are working in the gardens.  They smile as we pass.  Others are walking along the golden streets or sitting together on the lawn. They all look so happy.

‘Angel, why do some of you have six wings?’ queries Jeanette. ‘I thought angels only had two wings.’

He replies, ‘They are called seraphim. They use two wings to fly, two to cover their faces and two to cover their feet when they meet with God.’

‘Is it because God is so holy?’ asks Summer.

‘Yes that’s right’, he answers.

Ahead are angels sitting on the lawn with a teacher standing before them. Our angel points to them and informs us, ‘There is Jesus. He is teaching the angels.’

Our hearts are filled with joy.  It is Jesus.   

We have read about him in the Bible and in our lesson books, now we can see Him. 

The children tell our angel, ‘Jesus is our friend.’

As we come closer, our hearts are overwhelmed with happiness. ‘Oh, He is so beautiful.’   

‘If only I could give Him a hug’, whispers Summer.

Our angel tells us to sit quietly with the group of angels, and as we sit down, Jesus looks at us.  He smiles, but continues teaching.  Everyone is listening intently to their Teacher. 

One of the angels asks, ‘Beloved Commander, tell us again how we angels came to be in heaven.’

Jesus looks tenderly at everyone seated before Him, and with great love in His voice says, ‘Dear ones, you are all so very special. My Father and I planned every one of you.  We wanted each of you to be special, so we created you individually, making you a little different from each other.’  

Another angel wonders, ‘Do you know us all as individuals?’

‘Yes my child’, replies Jesus.  ‘My Father and I love every one of you as if there was not another angel in the whole of the universe.’ 

‘But there are so many of us’, says an angel. 

‘Yes’, adds another. ‘There are ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels.  How can you love us all individually?’ 

‘Do you love each of your friends individually?’ asks Jesus.

‘Yes…. we do.  Oh Master, you are right. It doesn’t matter how many there are to love, we still love them as individuals. Thank you.  Now I understand.’

The angels all smile at each other, then they look at their Commander and say together, ‘Master, thank you for teaching us. We love you so much.’ 

Jesus smiles, ‘I love you all.’ 

Walking towards the group is Gabriel, next in authority to God’s Son. 

He is a cherub, a special order of angels, and he sits close to the Father’s throne. 

Jesus turns to greet him.  ‘Gabriel, lovely to see you.’

‘Master’, says Gabriel, ‘when you have a moment, would you come and hear the new hymn I am preparing for our worship hour? It is almost complete, but I need to put the finishing touches to it. ’ 

‘Yes Gabriel, I will come.’ 

Jesus turns to the group of angels and asks, ‘Does anyone have any more questions?’

All the angels shake their heads.  Jesus turns to the cherub, ‘Gabriel, shall we go now?’ They begin walking towards the light of God.

Our angel whispers to us, ‘You can follow them.  Walk very quietly, and stay a little behind as they have important things to talk about.’

Again we walk past the glowing mansions with their beautiful flower gardens, beside the river bank, past the tree of life, and to the bright light. There we stop and wait to be told what to do.

‘Gabriel’, says Jesus. ‘I must go and speak to My Father. We will listen to your new worship song when I return in a short while.’

Jesus walks right into the light, as if it’s a fluffy white cloud.  He is completely covered by the light, and we cannot see Him anymore.   

Gabriel turns to us. ‘Children’, he advises, ‘wait patiently for the Master. He will return in a little while.’

Jeannette says to Summer, ‘Have you noticed the beautiful music in heaven?’

‘Oh yes, I love it’, she responds.

‘It’s harp music, isn’t it?’

Summer begins to answer, 

‘Yes-----’, but is interrupted by Kevin. 

‘Angels are practising their harp music.’

Soon Jesus comes out of the light. His white robe glistens, and His face shines with glory.  The light of God is shining upon Him.  

Approaching us, Jesus says, ‘Children, My Father has given a message for you. We will go with Gabriel and hear his music, then I will give you the message.’

‘Oh…. a message from God.’