Ancestors of the seed

As soon as we arrive at the tree of life, Jesus continues the story of our first parents and their children. 

‘Adam and Eve have another little baby.   They name him Seth.   He is a good boy like Abel and he loves God.   He offers a lamb on the altar and trusts in the coming Seed of the woman.’ 

Eventually other sons and daughters are born to Adam and Eve, and it becomes a big family. 

‘I have question from last time’, says Summer.  ‘Did Abel’s blood really cry out from the ground?’ 

‘Good question’, replies Jesus.  ‘No, those words were just telling Cain that God had seen what happened to Abel.  You can say things like that too.  For instance, if a friend stole your favourite book and put it in the rubbish bin, and a family member had seen it happen, they could say, ‘Your book is crying to me from the rubbish bin.’ 

‘Oh, I get it’, responds Summer.  ‘The book can’t really cry out, but it tells me where the book is.’ 

Adam and Eve’s family grows so large that eventually many of their children move to different parts of the earth.  Some decide to follow God’s Law, but most choose to disobey and do anything they like. 

As the population grows, sin becomes an extremely big problem until God is sorry He has created the earth. 

‘Oh no’, exclaims Summer.  ‘Did God think of destroying everyone on the whole earth?’ 

‘No’, replies Jesus, ‘remember God is love.’ 

‘What did God do about the sin then?’ asks Jeannette. 

Jesus is now very serious. 

‘Do you remember what the punishment was for eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?’ 

‘Yes, it was death’, say the children together. 

‘And what did I say would eventually happen to Satan and his angels?’ 

The children all give the answer, ‘They will die.’

‘Is this why everyone dies?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘That’s right, everyone has been born a sinner and so everyone will die. Those who love God and ask Him to forgive them will still die, but if they have kept God’s Law, they will be created again one day.   Those who do not love God and keep sinning will die forever.  Remember, sin is deadly. It causes death.’ 

Adam’s family grows bigger and bigger until there are millions of family members around the earth.  Of course they do not know everyone any more, and even forget they are part of the same family.    

Most do not care about their first father because they want to break the commandments and sin.    Adam sees nine generations and dies at a very old age. ‘Children, these are the nine generations’, says Jesus. 


         Adam’s son was Seth.        

            Seth’s son was Enos.          

                Enos’s son was Cainan.            

                    Cainan’s son was Mahaleleel.  

                         Mahaleleel’s son was Jared.                     

                              Jared’s son was Enoch.                         

                                   Enoch’s son was Methuselah.  

                                        Methuselah’s son was Lamech. 


Those who loved God and obeyed His Law were very few.  It became dangerous for them, as evil men wanted to kill them. 

‘Do you remember who is working behind the scenes to make them so evil?’ asks Jesus. 

The children call out, ‘Yes, Satan and his devils.’

‘You are right, and no one can see them.’ 

‘Oh, are they invisible?’ asks Kevin. 

‘Yes’, says Jesus.  ‘The evil angels are an unseen enemy.  They can appear to people if they want to, but they choose most of the time to remain invisible.’ 

‘Ooooh, that makes it really hard, doesn’t it?’ exclaim the children together. 

God now has nine men in his line of ancestors for the Seed of the woman -- Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahaleleel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech.  The next one is a man called Noah. 

‘Oh, we know Noah’, say the children together. 

‘Yes’, replies Jesus, ‘It was so important to protect Noah and his children from the evil men and women, because the devil was determined to destroy this family.  Satan knew the Seed of the woman would bruise his head one day, and he did not want that.’ 

‘Is this why God sent a flood?’ asks Summer.

‘Yes, dear one, but not without warning everyone on the earth.’ 

‘God is good’, acknowledges Jeannette. Jesus continues.     

‘Noah built a boat with the help of his children, his father and his grandfather.   He also warned everyone to give up their sins or they would die in a flood.  

‘Prepare to come in the ark’, he cried to them for 120 years.’ 

‘Oh, that’s a long time’, says Jeannette. 

‘Yes children’, responds Jesus. ‘God never does anything suddenly without warning.  Sad to say, most of the people would not listen to Noah.    They laughed and mocked him.’ 

‘I was just thinking’, says Jeannette.   ‘If there had never been any rain, the people would find it hard to believe there could be a flood.    Was this a good excuse for them?’ 

‘No’,  answers  Jesus,  ‘it  wasn’t  an  excuse.  They  knew  they  should repent, but did not want to.’ 

‘But how could they believe a flood would come if it had never rained?’ asks Summer. 

‘You are thinking well my child’, replies Jesus.  

‘Anyone who refuses to give up their sins cannot see truth, no matter how hard they try.   Those who repent of their sins and are sorry for sinning will know the truth.’ 

'What about those who are not sure?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘Some people were not sure’, agrees Jesus, ‘but if they did not get into the ark, what happened to them?’ 

‘They drowned’, say the children in unison. 

‘Yes’, responds Jesus.  ‘Everyone is always on one side or the other.  If the people had repented and stopped sinning, they would have made a decision to get in the ark.  Those who did not repent either refused to believe or remained unsure.’ 

Summer understands now.   ‘So if a person is undecided or doesn’t believe it makes no difference?’ 

‘That’s right dear’, answers Jesus. 

Jeannette sees the seriousness of it.  ‘Making a decision is important isn’t it?’ 

‘Oh yes.  It is a life and death issue.   Do you know how many went into the ark children?’ ‘

No’, they admit. 

‘Noah and his wife, and their three boys and their wives.   

Eight people. Only eight people.’ 

‘What about Noah’s father?’ asks Jeannette.

‘And his grandfather?’ adds Kevin. 

Jesus replies.   ‘They died before the flood.     Methuselah died a very short while before the rain began to fall.  

Many people were afraid, but still did not get in the ark.  And something else happened to warn them….’ 

‘I know’, offers Kevin. ‘The animals came.’ 

‘Yes’, replies Jesus. ‘Imagine watching pairs of animals walk into the ark by themselves.’ 

He then adds, ‘Of course loyal angels were leading them.’ 

‘Why didn’t this make the people get in the ark?’ asks Kevin. 

‘I know’, Jeannette calls out.  ‘They had not given up their sins.’ ‘

You are right’, smiles Jesus. 

He continues.  ‘The people were amazed to see the animals going into the ark and many began to think Noah might be right.    But they did not make a decision.    A lot of people were afraid a flood might come, but they did not want to look silly in front of their friends.’

‘What if nothing happens?’ asks one of the men at the ark site. 

‘We are going to look stupid to everyone’, replies another. 

‘I don’t want to look silly’, says a friend. 

‘But what if Noah’s is right?’ asks someone else. 

‘Noah can’t be right.  Where will all the water come from?’ 

‘Yeh, good point’, laughs someone else.   

‘Here is this huge boat and no water to float it.’’ 

‘That’s right’, puts in his friend, ‘that boat’s going nowhere.’ 

Jesus concludes.  ‘Children, God saved Noah and his family from being drowned in the flood.  Satan could not destroy the tenth in the line to bear the Seed of the woman.  In fact, he didn’t destroy the eleventh either.’ 

‘Oh, who is the eleventh’, ask Jeannette. 

‘Noah’s son.’ 

‘When you get home, get your Bible out and look it up in Genesis Chapter 5, verse 32. 

‘Ooooh, we will.’