Surprise for Adam

The next day, Adam is woken up by His Creator.  

‘Oooh, I must have slept in.’ 

‘Yes my son, you need to wake up.    I want you to have your surprise early so you can enjoy it all day.’ 

‘Oh my surprise, yes.’  Adam is excited. 

God’s Son explains what will happen. 

‘Adam, you will go to sleep and I will take a rib from your body to make a wonderful mate for you.  She will wait for you to wake up. 

Adam lies down and is soon fast asleep.   The Creator takes a rib from his side and forms a lovely lady to be his help mate.

She is also clothed with the robe of light. 

When Adam wakes up he sees his mate being escorted to him.

‘Ooooh’ he says.

‘Ooooh, you are sooo beautiful.   You are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.  You are a woman because you were taken out of man.     I will call you Eve because you are the mother of all living.’ 

Eve smiles shyly at Adam. 

‘Eve, I am so happy to have you as my helper.’

She just keeps smiling. 

The Creator then explains, ‘We are going to have a very special ceremony now that will make you husband and wife.     In a moment angels will be here to celebrate your marriage.’ 

As He speaks, six angels arrive, one carrying a harp.

‘Adam, you know Meilon and Betil don’t you?  I will introduce them all to you both.’ 

The angels are introduced to Adam and Eve – Meilon, Betil, Caph, Yosfi, Dani and Yitzac. 

The ceremony proceeds with the gentle melodious sound of Meilon’s harp in the background.  The angels sing a lovely song and then the Creator pronounces the man and the woman a married couple. 

‘Adam, Eve is your wife, and Eve, Adam is your husband.   You are to be true and faithful to each other all the days of your life.’

The newlyweds are then given the day to enjoy themselves and get to know each other. 

Adam  takes  his  wife’s  hand  and  together  they  walk  through  the garden.    

‘Eve, this garden is our home.  It is called the Garden of Eden. We will live here.’ 

'Oh Adam, it is beautiful.’ 

‘Yes’, smiles Adam, ‘and Eve, you are beautiful too.’ 

‘Thank you my husband.  I love you.  Our Father is so good to make me for you, and to give us this beautiful garden for our home.’ 

‘Come, I will introduce you to my animal friends.’ 

He leads her to the stately pair of horses. 

‘They are tall aren’t they Eve?’ 

‘Oh yes, and beautiful’, she says, gently rubbing their noses. 

Walking a little further, they see an elephant.  

‘Oh, he is big’, exclaims Eve, touching his side.  ‘His skin is tough.’ 

It is exciting for Eve, as this is her very first day.     She is seeing everything for the first time.  

The birds are whistling and chirping in the trees. She is charmed by it all.

‘Look Eve, there is a kookaburra.   All the birds whistle or chirp, but he is a strange bird.   He laughs'. 

‘I will see if he will laugh for us.

‘Kookaburra, will you laugh for us?’ 

‘Ooaa,  aaaa,  aaaa,  ooaa,  aaaa, ooaa, aaaa.’ 

‘Oh he is funny’, laughs Eve.  ‘He makes me laugh too.’  

Adam points to a strange animal.   

‘Look at that animal. He doesn’t walk or run, he hops.  It is a kangaroo.’ 

‘Come kangaroos.  Hop to us.’ 

‘Oh yes, they do hop’, laughs Eve. 

‘Kangaroos have very strong tails', explains Adam. 

Their tails help them to hop’, he explains, ‘and they can balance on their tails and kick with their back legs.’

‘Their tails must be very strong.’ 

‘Oh look’, declares Adam, ‘there are my friends the serpents.’ 

‘Are they birds? asks Eve. 

‘No, they are animals’, he explains.

‘What beautiful golden wings they have, so shiny.  See how they glow in the sunshine.’ 

While Eve is admiring the serpents, something flies past her so fast she can hardly see it.  

‘Oh, what bird was that?’ she asks. 

‘It was a butterfly Eve.’ 

‘A butterfly.   It is so pretty.   Look there is another one.’ 

The butterflies flit around Eve, and she is filled with delight. 

‘Oh Adam, aren’t the colours magnificent?’ 

‘Look my husband, it is on my hand.  You are so lovely butterfly. 

'Oh Adam, I love God’s creation.’ 

‘It is now the cool of the day and we are going to meet our Creator for worship.   Then you will see something extra special as the day ends.’ 

‘Oh Adam’, she bubbles with excitement, ‘I can’t wait.’ 

When God’s Son arrives at the garden, the newlyweds are waiting to meet Him. Their hearts are joyous and their faces glow with happiness. 

‘Dear father, we had a wonderful day’, says Eve.  

‘Adam showed me the beauties of the garden and I met many interesting animals and birds.  The serpents are beautiful creatures.  Their wings are amazing when they are stretched out.   And the peacocks.   They have magnificent wings too.   I love all of your creation, especially the butterflies.   One rested on my hand.  Thank you for creating everything my father.’ 

‘I am glad you like it all my child’, He replies. 

After worship Adam takes Eve to the edge of the garden to give her the surprise he has promised.

‘Eve, sit here and look at the sky.   Watch and you will see the colours change.’ The two sit quietly watching the sky.  Gradually brilliant colours span the heavens. 

‘Oh Adam’, cries Eve.  ‘It is so beautiful.’ 

‘Yes Eve, it is wonderful’, agrees Adam.   

(As said earlier, they may not have had sunsets like this back then) 

Little by little the colours change again, and the happy couple find themselves lost in the glory of Eve’s first sunset.                                                       

The children are smiling when Jesus meets them.   They have seen the beautiful sunset too. 

‘Everyone is happy’, comments Jeannette. 

‘Yes children, Adam and Eve are very happy.’ 

‘But we haven’t forgotten Lucifer’, reminds Kevin.   

‘What is he doing now?’ 

Sadly Jesus replies, ‘Lucifer is with his evil angels on the desolate planet planning what he will do to destroy the happiness of Adam and Eve.’ 

‘Oh no’, cry the children out loud. 

‘Yes’, says Jesus. ‘It is very sad to think about what will happen.’ 

‘Is there nothing you can do?’  Summer asks. 

‘Adam  and  Eve  will  be  warned  of  Lucifer,  but  it  is  up  to  them  to continue trusting and believing the Word of God.    If they doubt My Father’s Word, they will fall for Lucifer’s trap.’ 

‘We know what happens’, claims Kevin. 

‘Yes, you do’, agrees Jesus, ‘but you need to watch carefully when you are given a view of it because there are lessons you can learn so you will not fall for the devil’s lies.’ 

The children tell of their desire to be true to God and His Son.  

‘We will watch carefully because we never want to be deceived by Satan.’

‘Dear ones’, advises Jesus, ‘your only safeguard is to know the Bible.   It is your authority.’ 

‘I don’t have my own Bible’, admits Kevin. ‘Dad reads his Bible to me.’ 

‘How can we understand by ourselves?’ asks Summer. 

‘As children you must be taught.  However, if there is no one to teach you, take a Bible from the shelf and pray that God will help you understand what you are reading.    Just read a few verses and think about what they say.  As you get older, you will understand more, but only if you keep reading and asking God to help you. 

‘Listen carefully to the warning tomorrow.’ 

‘We will.’