Letter from Oma

Dear Children, 

Meilon forgot to answer Summer’s question about why Jesus folded the grave cloth that was over his head. 

Many Christians say it was a Jewish custom that when a person had finished their meal at a family table, he would screw up his serviette and put it on his plate.      

But if he wanted to leave the table for a moment, he folded it nicely, which meant he was coming back. 

There is not much evidence for this nice idea, however, when the two disciples came into the tomb, they would have noticed the long grave cloth unfolded in the grave, but the head cloth nicely folded to the side.    

If it was true about folding a table napkin, James and John could have understood that Jesus was saying, ‘I am coming back.’ 

If it was not a Jewish custom, we really have no idea why Jesus took the trouble to take the head cloth and fold it, leaving the long grave cloth unfolded and lying roughly in the grave.   

There must have been a good reason, but we do not know it. 

All we can do is to put it on our ‘questions to ask Jesus’ list for when He comes back.   

The Saviour will walk with each one of us along  the  river  of  life  or  in heaven’s  gardens  to  answer everything that has puzzled us.  The most important thing is that we are there for Him to give us the answers. 

Love from Oma.