The Good News

‘Summer, are you ready to go on our journey.  We need to leave now.’ 

‘Yes Oma, I am ready’, she replies. 

We meet Jeannette and Kevin and travel through the nebula to the city.  Jesus is waiting for us. 

Everyone is anxious to hear the good news, and Jeannette asks, ‘Where are we going to hear the good news?

‘Come with Me’, says Jesus.  ‘We are going to the light of God.’ 

Our footsteps follow a well-known path past the beautiful mansions and gardens  of  flowers,  but  there  are  no  angels  waving  to  us.  No angels are playing their beautiful harp music.   Strange? 

‘Where are all the angels Jesus?’ asks Summer. 

‘Come, you will see.’ 

Arriving at the light of God, we see thousands and thousands of very sad angels.  Many are crying. 

Jesus explains that the angels are sad because Adam and Eve have sinned. Their hearts are aching. 

When they  arrive at the brilliant light, Jesus enters into it to converse with His Father. 



The angels see their Commander enter the light, and while waiting for Him, offer comfort to each other.  

‘It is so sad’, laments Betil. 

Meilon can hardly believe the lovely new earth is doomed.   Everyone rejoiced to see the creation.   The angels were happy.  Adam and Eve were happy. 


He cannot speak. 

'Oh, if only they had changed their minds like I did and did not eat the fruit’, mourns Caph. 

‘Better still’, adds Yosfi, ‘if Eve had refused to go near the tree at all.’ 

‘What now?’ asks Dani. 

‘I don’t know’, weeps Meilon, finding it difficult to hold back his tears. 

‘God said they would die’, puts in Yosfi. 

‘True’, says Dani, ‘but I don’t understand what death is. Does anyone else?’ ‘No’, sighs Betil, ‘except that they will cease to exist.’ 

Suddenly the angels see  their Commander coming from the bright light. They can not see Him fully, but His face is sad.

‘Oh dear’, groans Yosfi, ‘our Master is not happy.’ 

‘What does it mean?’ queries Caph. No one has any answers. 

‘Look’, says Meilon, ‘He is going back.’ 

Again Michael enters the light to converse with His Father.  The angels continue to wonder what is happening.   Soon He comes out again, but remains partially hidden. His face is still sad. 

The Son pauses a moment, then goes back into the light of God for the third time. The angels are very concerned. 

After what seems a long time, God’s Son is seen coming out of the light. He can now be fully seen.   His face is calm and relaxed.   He stands before His angelic children and announces the good news of the gospel. 

‘My dear angels, I have good news for you.  The children of earth will have a second chance.’ 

Joyful songs fall from the lips of every angel. But He has not finished. ‘Children,  your  Commander  will  take  the  punishment  for  earth’s children.’ 

‘The punishment?’ whispers Meilon to Betil. 

The angels look at each other.  Have they heard their Master correctly? 

‘But isn’t the punishment death?’ they call out softly. 

Jesus replies, ‘Yes My children.  I will take the penalty of death for the earthly children.’

‘Nooooo’, cry the angels in fear and dismay. 

‘No Master, not you.’ 

Betil calls out, ‘Master, let me take the punishment.’ 

Other angels offer their lives, but God’s Son puts His hand up for silence. ‘My  children,  an  angel  cannot  take  the  death penalty  for  another. Only a person above the Law can take the punishment for the broken Law, and that One Person is God’s Son.’ 

Weeping breaks out among the angels. 

Although they don’t fully understand death, they know it is evil.  Their Commander is loved too much to allow Him to suffer and die. 

'Dear  ones’,  continues  the  Son,  ‘you  must  accept  the  plan  of  My Father.   Receive His decision and rejoice that earth’s children are to have another chance to live, and one day they will eat of the tree of life.’ 

The angels lovingly accept the plan of redemption, and in thankfulness give praise to both the Father and the Son.  Their lovely voices blend together in sacred song, filling heaven with joy once more. 


‘I have a question’, says Summer. ‘Yes my dear’, replies Jesus. 

‘Why did you go into the Father three times?’ 

Jesus explains.  ‘It was very difficult for My Father to accept the plan of redemption.   We had made a covenant way back in eternity, and the Father knew He must stand by it. 

He struggled between love for His Son and love for His earthly children.  It was so hard for Him to think that either His Son would die, or His earthly children would die without hope.’ 

‘And now we have hope’, put in the children. 

‘Yes’, continues Jesus, ‘all earth’s children have hope if they will accept the sacrifice made for  them.   Never forget this dear  children.   My Father struggled greatly because of love.’ 

Jeannette asks, ‘Is this why love must be free?’’ 

‘Yes, you are right’, responds Jesus.  ‘It was not only because Lucifer rebelled that the tree had to be put in the garden, but because it cost so much for My Father to give His Son for the human race.’ 

‘And Jesus’, says Summer, ‘I know you died on the cross, so it cost a lot for you too.’ 

‘Yes, dear child.  Tomorrow you will watch as Adam and Eve are told of the plan of redemption.’ 

‘What does redemption mean?’ asks Kevin. 

‘Wait and see’, replies Jesus with a smile.