The Earth is Created

We arrive early at the tree of life and Jesus is waiting to welcome us.  

‘Good morning children.’ 

After happy greetings, we are taken to another beautiful garden.   The flowers are magnificent.  

‘Jesus, heaven is a wonderful place.’  We relax on the grass.  It is soft and lovely. 

The perfume from the flowers fills our nostrils as we breathe in its fragrance. 

‘Children’, invites Jesus, ‘look over there and you will see in heaven’s imagination the creation taking place.’ 

Suddenly a big ball of water appears in the distance. 

Oh look’, squeal the children, ‘It is the earth.’ 

‘Creation has begun’, smiles Jesus.  ‘Now watch as the waters divide, leaving dry land.’ 

‘It is amazing.’ 

‘Oooooh’, exclaim the children. 

‘Where did all the water go?’ asks Kevin. 

Jesus explains.  ‘It filled the lakes and rivers  for drinking water. Some of it went underground.’ 

Kevin is curious, ‘Why did it go underground?’

‘During the night, a mist comes up from the underground lakes and rivers to water the earth.’ 

‘Oh’, enquires Jeanette, ‘didn’t rain water the earth?’ 

‘No dear----’ 

Kevin interrupts, ‘But Jesus, didn’t the earth once get flooded?’ 

‘You are right son.    It did not rain until Noah’s day, then the whole earth was flooded.’ 

Kevin has more questions, ‘Where did the rain come from then?’ 

‘Look at the earth again’, invites Jesus.  ‘Can you see water above the sky?’ 

‘Oh yes’, observes Summer.  ‘Why is that?’ 

‘The water kept the earth cool during the day and warm at night.  It was like what you call a terrarium, or hot house.  Everything grows fast and luxurious in that type of climate.’ 

The children want to know if the water is still up there. 

‘No’, explains Jesus, ‘about 1500 years later it fell on the earth, and flooded it.    But there is still some water up there.   Look again at the earth’. 

Grass is beginning to grow on the land, and trees shoot out of the ground. ‘Ooooh, this is wonderful’, exclaim the children.   ‘The trees are growing so fast.’ 

How beautiful the earth looks with its living green carpet and majestic trees, many with delicious fruit.  Blue lakes dot the landscape, and rivers flow softly around the gentle hills. 

‘Now watch the rivers and lakes children.’ 

‘Oh’, shouts Kevin, ‘there are fish everywhere. Look at them swimming in the water.’ . 

The boy’s face beams with excitement. 

Suddenly birds appear.  They fill the sky with a mass of wings and colour. 

‘Look at those big birds’, laughs Summer as she watches them rise high in the sky.  

‘They are now floating in the air.  Look, they aren’t flapping their wings.   How do they do that?’ 

‘It’s called riding the thermals’, replies Jesus.  ‘They rest on a current of air.’ 

Jeannette loves the brightly coloured birds.  ‘Oh, so many colours.’ 

Birds are everywhere, in trees, on the ground, in the air, all twittering, chirping, whistling or screeching. 

Kevin puts his hands over his ears. ‘It is so noisy’, he complains. 

‘The birds are singing Kevin’, laughs Summer. 

Jeannette is full of praise for the Creator. ‘Jesus, I am glad you created the birds. They are so beautiful.’ 

Much has been created in five days – air to breathe, water to drink, fruit to eat, the sun to give light and warmth. 

The sixth day now begins.   It is a very busy day.  

Animals appear everywhere – horses, bears, dogs, squirrels, kangaroos, elephants, koalas,   lions,   tigers,   cheetahs,   sheep,   cows,   possums, alpacas, wombats,   echidnas,   wallabies,   goannas,   mice,   dogs, chipmunks, llamas, deer, monkeys, gorillas…..   so many, and such a variety of shapes and sizes. 

It is like being at the zoo, except that these animals are all gentle, and only eat grass and leaves. ‘

‘Children,  I  am  going  down  to  your  beautiful  new  home   to  make someone very special.’ 

‘We know who it is’, squeal the children .   ‘It’s Adam.’ ‘You are right.  Watch very closely, and you will see the first man created.’ 

‘He is made from the dirt’, offers Jeannette. Heaven’s imagination now allows the children to watch the formation of a man from the dust of the ground. 

As God’s Son begins to form the first human being, Kevin calls out, ‘Jesus is making a sandcastle man.’ 

When the creation of Adam is complete, Jesus leans over his face and breathes into his nostrils, giving him the gift of life. 

‘Look’, the children call out, ‘Adam is sitting up and looking at Jesus.   It is amazing.’ 

Summer then notices something special.  Pointing to Adam, she says, ‘He has a beautiful light shining around him.’ 


The newly created man stands up.  He rejoices in being alive. ‘My father, life is wonderful. Thank You for creating me.’  These are Adam’s first moments.  He has so much to see and learn. 

The Creator smiles at His new creation. ‘Adam, the sun is going to go out of sight soon.   You will call it sunset.   

When the sun sets it is the end of the sixth day, and a new day begins.’ 

Adam watches the sun drop below the horizon.   It is his very first sunset and he is amazed at its beauty.  (There were probably no sunsets due to different atmospheric conditions) 

‘Oh father, the colours are glorious.’

‘I am glad you like it dear child, you can see it again tomorrow.’ 

Adam is amazed. ‘Every night I can see this?’ 

‘Yes, every night…. and every morning’, says the Son. 

Adam is thrilled.  ‘What a wonderful way to begin and end each day’, he exclaims. 

‘Adam, now that the seventh day has begun, you are privileged to be a part of a very special day.   My Father and I are going to bless this day after we have rested on it. Our work of creation is complete and we will rest on this day  and sanctify it.   It will be a holy day from the time the sun goes down on  the sixth day until it goes down on the seventh.   Adam, we are now in the hours of the seventh day.’ 

‘What will we do on this day?’ queries Adam. 

The Son explains. ‘On the first part of the day you will sleep because it will be night time.  In the morning when the sun rises, it will be the daylight hours of the seventh day.  My Father has asked me to spend the whole day with you.    No work will be done, but we will talk and sing together about God’s creation.’ 

‘Oh, that will be wonderful.’   Adam is so happy. 

The Creator continues.  ‘Yes, and I will show you two trees in the centre of the garden.  One you can eat, the other you cannot.  You will see these things in the morning.’ 


The girls have a question for Jesus. 

Summer speaks on behalf of her friend.    ‘Jeanette and I want to ask you something.’

It is something they have both noticed.  ‘All our books draw Adam naked. But we saw him covered with a beautiful light.’ 

‘Yes’ answers Jesus, ‘this is true.’ 

‘I noticed it too’, remarks Kevin. 

‘You are all observant’, says Jesus.  ‘Most people think Adam and Eve were completely naked, but they were not.  They were clothed with the light that surrounds My Father.’ 

‘Oh the bright light?’ ask the children. 

‘Yes, the light surrounding My Father is His Spirit.  When Adam was created, He was given this Spirit.   It was in His mind and heart and it shone out as a heavenly garment.  All created beings are clothed with God’s Spirit.’ 

Even the angels?’ puts in Kevin. 

Yes, the angels and all the unfallen worlds are clothed with the light that surrounds God.    One day, if you are faithful, you will be clothed with it too.’ 

The children are excited to think they too can be clothed with the light of God. 

Summer then remembers a question she wants to ask,  ‘Oh Jesus.  Did you spend the seventh day with Adam?’ 

‘Yes Summer.   My Father and I rested on this day and then we blessed it. This made it a very special day.  Adam spent the day learning many things about My Father, about heaven, about the universe.  We walked in his garden and enjoyed the beauty of creation.

It was a blessed day, and children, you can be blessed on this day too if you  will  spend  it  with  God,  reading  your  Bible,  and  enjoying  the beauties of nature.’ 

‘But Jesus’, asks Jeannette, ‘will you be with us?’ 

‘My Father and I cannot be with you in person, but we will be with you in Spirit.’ 

Kevin queries, ‘Does that mean the light of God?’ 

‘Yes’, says Jesus.  ‘These are all good questions, but you must get your rest now.  You want to be ready for tomorrow when Adam begins his first work.’ 

‘Oh, does Adam work?’ 

‘You’ll see.’