Farewell Children

When the angels return, their faces glow with happiness.  

‘It was so wonderful to embrace and talk with our beloved Commander. How good it is to have Him back.’ 

‘We can’t wait to hug Him too’, say the girls. 

Meilon then tells the children. ‘We are going to take you to the garden where our Master will meet you.’ 

‘Yes’, adds Betil.   ‘It will soon be time.’

The children follow the angels from the grand hall. 

As they walk along the clear golden streets, they admire the glow from the foundation stones below. 

How  beautiful  the  gems  look  through  the  gold’,  says  Jeannette  to Summer. 

‘Yes’, agrees Oma.   'I love them so much, and I love the-- 

‘Oma is cut off by the children.  

‘We know, the emerald green.’ 

Summer asks Jeannette and Kevin their favourite gems and colours.

‘Mine  is  the  golden  yellow’, states Jeannette.

'Oh, I love them all', says Kevin.

‘Isn’t there a special one?’ asks Jeannette. 

‘It’s not a foundation stone, but I think it’s the diamond’, he answers.  

‘Won’t it be wonderful to have lots and lots of precious gems of our own?’ 

‘Wouldn’t  it  be  neat  to  make  a  room  with  all  the  ones  we  like?’ suggests Kevin. 

‘Would you have diamonds?’ asks Summer. 

‘Yes’, replies Kevin ‘and some purple for you, golden-yellow for Jeannette and emerald green for Oma.’ 

‘Kevin, that’s really thoughtful of you to think of us too’, says Oma. 

‘I’m learning that’s how Christians are’, replies Kevin.

‘Children’,  calls  Meilon. ‘You  are  having  a  good  conversation,  but notice that we are coming to a special garden now.’ 

‘Is this where we will meet Jesus?’ asks Summer. 

Yes’, replies Betil.  ‘He will be here shortly.’ 

The girls turn their attention to the flowers.   

‘Oh, the flowers are just as beautiful as the gemstones.’ 

‘Girls, if you want to walk among the flowers, there is time’, states Meilon. 

 Jeannette and Summer look at each other.  

‘Yes, let’s go.’ 

‘Oh, isn’t it beautiful?’ 

‘Jeannette, did you share with your Mum and Dad that Jesus is alive?’ 

‘Yes, they were happy, especially my Dad.   He’s a pastor and he was glad I wanted to do that.  Did you?’ 

‘Yes’ responds Summer.

‘I told my mother and we are now talking about the very long story every night.    I didn’t know, but my mother was told the same story when she was little by her mother.’ 

‘That’s neat.’ 

‘Did you get to share with your friends?’ asks Summer. 

‘I tried, but they didn’t want to listen’, answers Jeannette. ‘No one?’ 


Jeannette’s face is downcast, but she continues.  

‘I asked my best friend and she laughed at me.   I tried to tell another friend, but she did not want to hear, so I stopped trying.’ 

‘Oh, look at those flowers.  I wonder what they are?’ 

‘Yes, they are so lovely and fluffy.   We’ll have to ask Jesus.’  The girls are quiet for a while, each with their own thoughts.  

Finally Summer breaks the silence. 

‘My best friend Ella believes and we talked about it all after school. But another friend Katie said she told her Dad and that he would stop us.’ 

‘He can’t stop you’, encourages Jeannette. 

‘I know, but I feel sad she doesn’t want to listen.’ 

‘It’s hard, but I suppose we have to keep trying’, says Jeannette. 

‘It must have been hard for Jesus when so many did not believe Him’, suggests Summer. 

Meanwhile, Meilon and Betil have asked Kevin if he shared with his friends during the forty days. 

‘Yes, I told a friend at school.   He said he did not believe, but I kept talking to him and now he believes.’ 

 Oh, that’s good’, says Betil.  

‘Did you talk to your Dad?’ 

‘Yes’, responds Kevin, ‘but it’s hard to know what to say, because when I tell him I went to heaven and saw you and the mansions and Jesus, he tells me not to lie to him.’ 

‘Mmmmm’, ponders Betil. 

‘Kevin’, says Meilon, ‘it would be best if you said you had a dream because people will not understand heaven’s imagination.’ 

‘It isn’t lying to say that?’ asks the boy. 

‘No’, explains Meilon. ‘You see, a dream, a vision and heaven’s imagination are all the same.  In a dream you are usually asleep, but some people have dreams when they are awake.   In a vision people are awake and in heaven’s imagination, you are awake.’ 

‘Why can’t I say heaven’s imagination?’ 

‘Kevin, people don’t understand that, and if you say you had a vision they will think you are trying to be a prophet.’ 

‘Oh, so a dream is the best’, he asks. ‘Yes.  Everyone knows what a dream is.’ 

‘Oh that’s good. Thanks.’ 

‘Let’s go and get the girls now’,  suggests Betil.   ‘Jesus will soon be here.’ 

Betil, Meilon and Kevin walk around the garden looking for Jeannette and Summer. 

After looking for some time and not finding them, Kevin offers to call. 

‘Jeannette!   Summer!’ 

The angels smile at his enthusiasm. 

‘They should have heard that’, says Betil.  ‘It is probably the loudest voice heaven has ever heard.’ 

Kevin laughs. 

‘Summer, that was Kevin calling.  We had better find him.  He might be lost.’   

Jeannette calls, ‘We are coming.’  

They walk in the direction of his voice. 

When they see Kevin, the girls are surprised to find him laughing with the angels.  

‘Oh Kevin, you are not lost.’ 

‘Me lost?’ Everyone laughs. 

Betil tells the children.  ‘I know it seems a long wait, but Jesus should soon be here children.    There are a lot of angels to embrace with a hug.’ 

‘Yes, ten thousand times ten thousand’, states Kevin.   ‘That will take forever.’ 

‘No Kevin’, encourages Meilon.   

‘You are in heaven’s time now, so it won’t take as long as it would on earth’, 

‘Besides young man’, adds Betil, ‘it will be worth waiting.’ 

The  girls walk about enjoying  the flowers. 

Suddenly they hear Meilon announce, ‘Children, Jesus is on His way to the garden.’ 

‘Jesus is coming! Let’s go.’ 

On the other side of the garden they see the lovely Jesus. Kevin runs across the lawn.    

Jesus bends over and picks him up in His loving arms. 

‘I am so glad to see you Jesus’, beams the boy. 

The girls run to Him and both cling to His free arm.

‘Oh Jesus, we missed you so much.’ 

Meilon brings a garden chair for Jesus.  He sits down and lifts one of the children onto His lap.    

‘Jesus, can I see the nail prints in your hands?’ asks Summer.  

Jesus holds both hands out for the children to see. 

‘Oh Jesus, they did hurt you’, laments Jeannette. 

‘We cried when we saw what they did’, adds Summer. 

‘Your feet have scars too, don’t they?’ asks Kevin. 

Jesus moves His feet so they can be seen by the children.    Summer kneels down and lovingly runs her hand across the marks.   

‘I will never forget that terrible day’, she says.  

‘We could not watch when they nailed you to the cross.’ 

‘No’, adds Jeannette, ‘but we looked again after they put the cross up.’ 

‘Jesus, I don’t want to forget anything’, says Summer.

He replies, ‘Remember to read your Bible won’t you?’ 

‘Yes’, she says, ‘but I want to remember all we have seen in heaven’s imagination too.’ 

Jesus makes a suggestion.  ‘Maybe Oma can help you.’

Everyone looks at Oma.  

She smiles and says, ‘Perhaps I can try to write it all in a book. Would you like that?’ 

‘Oh yes’, agree the children. 

‘I will call it ‘The Very Long Story’,’ she says.    ‘You can share it with your friends.’ 

'Oh that would be good.  Thank you Oma’, smiles Jeannette. 

Jesus looks lovingly at the children.   

‘It is almost time for you to return home.’ 

‘Oh’, says Kevin.  ‘I have surrendered now, and so I don’t complain any more.’ 

Jesus hugs the boy and smiles. He then tells the children.   ‘Before you go I want to spend time with each one of you.  You can tell me whatever is on your heart.  It will be just for me and no one else.  Who would like to go first?’ 

The children are very quiet, everyone wishing to be first, but willing to allow others the privilege. 

‘I think Oma should go first’, suggests Kevin. 

‘Alright, Oma, it will be’, says Jesus, and the two walk away together to be alone among the flowers. 

During this last time together, Jesus listens to the dreams and struggles of each heart.    He gives them all encouragement, and a long loving hug.

It is a blessed time the children wish would last forever. 

The children hold the hands of Jesus as they walk together to the gates of the city. 

Meilon and Betil fly on ahead. 

When they are almost at the gates, the children are surprised to find thousands of angels gathered together.  Meilon returns and tells them,

‘We wanted to wish you well on your way home.’ 

The children and Oma are very happy.  ‘Thank you so much.’ 

‘I want to wish you the best too’, says a familiar voice.  It is Moses. 

‘Oh Moses’, laughs Kevin.  ‘I am glad I could see you again.’ 

Moses then  says,  ‘Kevin and  girls,  tell my  brethren  on earth to  be faithful. I want to meet them here.’ 

‘Yes, we will’, cry the children together. 

‘And I want to wish you well too.’   It is Elijah. 

‘Me too’, says Enoch.   ‘Be faithful all the days of your life and you will receive a crown of life.’ 

‘Yes children’, adds Elijah, ‘heaven is worth it.’ 

'Oh thank you all for coming. We will.’                      

The children notice people from the planet where they met Moses in the rose garden.  

‘Oh, the beautiful people’, says Summer. 

‘We wanted to say goodbye too.’ 

‘Thank you all for coming to see us’, rejoices Jeannette. 

The children are overwhelmed with the wonderful send-off they are receiving. 

Caph, Dani, Josfi, and Yitzak come forward to wish them goodbye.  

‘It has been wonderful to get to know you.  We hope to meet again one day.’ 

Meilon  and  Betil  move  close  to  the  children.      

‘You have  been  a blessing to us, and we do want to see you back in heaven when the reign of sin is over.’ 

It is hard saying goodbye. 

‘Oh Meilon and Betil, you have been such a help to us.  We love you so much.   Thank you.’ 

The eyes of the angels sparkle with joy. 

Jesus then takes each child in His loving arms for a last hug.   ‘Fear not little ones.  I am always watching you.    Don't forget to talk to me in prayer.  Your guardian angel is with you all the time to protect and encourage you.    And My Father and I are with you in Spirit, dwelling in your hearts.  You are never alone.’ 

The children look into the eyes of Jesus as He makes a promise.   

‘One day I will come for you and bring you back to My home.    Be faithful dear ones. Heaven is your home.’ 

He places His hands on the heads of the children and blesses each one. 

Turning  to  Oma,  Jesus  declares,  ‘Look  after  the  children  my  dear.’  

Placing His hand on her head He says, ‘God bless you.’ 

Many tears are shed, but with joyful smiles, the children make their promise to Jesus.   

‘We will try to be faithful and with your help we will be.’ Oma and the children walk out the gate of the city and begin to wing their way across the sea of glass. 

Looking back, the glory of the holy city shines before them.  Their hearts are thrilled.  

Thousands of angels wave from the gates and walls of the celestial city. 

‘Oh, what a glorious sight’, calls Summer to Jeannette. 

‘I will never forget it’, responds her friend. 

Kevin hears the girls and calls out, ‘It’s the best thing in the universe.  I want to come back one day.’ 

The girls nod in agreement.     

They all begin to call out to the waving angels. ‘We love you…..’ 

‘We love you all…..’ 

Suddenly the girls see something wonderful. 

‘Summer look, I can see the light of the Father’, says Jeannette. 

‘Oh yes. The Father has come to the gate to stand next to His Son.’ 

‘Isn’t that beautiful.   Kevin and Oma, can you see it?’ 

‘Yes’, they reply, looking steadfastly at the light of God. The children are overwhelmed with joy and love. 

‘Look’, cries Summer, ‘there is a glorious light shining around Jesus that wasn’t there before.  

The Father has glorified Jesus in the presence of the angels, and us.’ 

The children wave to Jesus. 

His beautiful voice wafts across the sea of glass to each heart, 

‘I love you with an everlasting love. I will love you always.’