Heaven is a Sad Place

Lucifer is hiding in a quiet place laying plans to win the angels to his side. He needs to have a clear method to convince those who are uncertain. If he is to sit on the throne, he must have supporters surrounding him or he will be demoted from his high position.  

Once he has worked out a strategy, he begins looking for angels to share his complaints. 

Cleverly the rebellious angel convinces a few other angels to join him, and little by little the number grows. 

Lucifer becomes bold. 

He begins to speak openly against God‘s Son and His holy Law. Seeing two angels approaching him, he calls out, ‘Ah, Meilon and Betil, two angels I want to see.’ 

After greetings, the loyal angels begin uplifting the Son’s authority. They show Lucifer his error in elevating himself, and try to convince him of his big mistake. 

They  plead  with  him  to  turn  back.       But  the  rebellious  angel  is unmoved by their reasoning. 

'Don’t you want your freedom?’ sneers Lucifer. 

Meilon and Betil cannot understand his question and respond puzzled, ‘What freedom?’ 

The rebellious angel is bold in his manner and shouts, ‘You are chained to a law and a lawgiver.’ 

‘That is not true’, objects Meilon. 

‘It is true.   I plan to release all the angels from a task master and impossible rules.’ 

Meilon and Betil can’t believe they are hearing these words.    ‘What did you say?’ they ask. 

Lucifer laughs and says in a mocking tone, ‘Don’t you know you are slaves chained to a law?’ The loyal angels are shocked.    ‘Lucifer, we are free because we keep the Law, and God’s Son is a loving and gentle Commander.’ 

‘Nooooo.  You are wrong’, yells Lucifer.  ‘Angels don’t need laws.  Our superiority is our guide’, Betil is disgusted and protests, ‘God’s Law gives us freedom when we keep it, but you are breaking it Lucifer. So much for your superiority.’ 

Lucifer  gloats,  ‘We  can  never  bring  dishonour  to  God  because  our thoughts are holy.’ ‘They don’t sound too holy right now my friend’, states Meilon.  ‘You are bringing dishonour to God.’ 

‘Watch your words’, snaps Lucifer. Meilon and Betil find the conversation unacceptable and begin to walk away. 

Lucifer yells after them, ‘I am your leader, and don’t forget it.’ Meilon turns back and says with conviction.  ‘Not any more.’ 

Betil joins him and looking Lucifer in the eye declares, ‘You are no longer my leader Lucifer.  There were no problems in heaven until you began to speak against the Son.   You are the cause of heaven’s confusion.’ 

‘No’, snaps Lucifer. ‘It is the government of heaven that is the problem, and you are part of it.’ 

Meilon is upset and defends God and His throne as strongly as he knows how. ‘The government of heaven is the government of God, and your words show great disrespect.’ 

Lucifer is not concerned. 

He tries to bluff the angels.   ‘I am trying to free you, but you won’t support me.’ 

Betil says to his friend, ‘Let’s go Meilon.   There is no point staying here.'

‘Yes, be gone’, growls Lucifer.   ‘You are no use to me.’ 

Greatly saddened, the two loyal angels leave. Many are hurting, not only for themselves, but for their beloved Commander.  Others are joining Lucifer, adding to the distress of the loyal angels. 

It is not long before Lucifer is heard demanding the angels follow his instructions. 

‘You obey me or you will know what’s good for you’, he shouts at one of the angels. 

The angel protests, ‘Lucifer, to obey you means to disobey God, and I refuse.’  

Harsh and angry words follow, but the loyal angel stands by his word. He will not follow Lucifer’s instructions. 

Lucifer continues to accuse the Father and His Son of a poorly run universe, telling the angels they are responsible for causing the problems. Heaven is no longer a happy place.  


‘Jesus, can I ask a question?’ asks Summer. 

‘Yes you may’, 

He replies. ‘How is it possible that the most beautiful angel could turn against you?’ 

Jesus answers, ‘Lucifer was always free to make that decision.  Love must be free.  Lucifer’s rejection of God is called the mystery of iniquity, something you cannot understand now.’ 

'What will happen next?’ ask the children. 

‘Watch’, says Jesus. 

The time has come for God to intervene. 

Lucifer must be given an opportunity to make his stand public before the family of heaven.  

Another announcement is published throughout the universe.

Again angels fly in from far and near.   This time there is a feeling of concern. ‘It must be about Lucifer.’ 

Hurrying to the great hall, the angels take their seats and little by little the hall is filled. 

Everyone sits quietly.  There is a gentle hum of voices, then a hush. The Father is about  to speak.  

‘Angelic host,  the time has now come for every angel to make a decision. Will you give the Son His rightful authority?  You have all been given the opportunity to make your decision.  To disobey the Son is to disobey the Father. Therefore, those who refuse to submit to the Son are to stand to their feet.’ 

The angels look at each other.  No one moves.  Suddenly Lucifer stands to his feet. 

Gasps are heard all over the hall. Angels whisper to each other. 

In a loud voice, Lucifer calls out, ‘I will never again subject myself to the Son’s authority.’ 

Shocked, many angels begin to weep. 

Another angel stands up.  Lucifer gloats.  He knows he has a following and is confident others will follow. 

Soon more and more angels stand, until hundreds are on their feet. 

‘Look’, cries Betil, ‘Yami is standing.’ 

‘Oh no.’ 

All of sudden, Toga says, ‘I am going to stand too.’ 

'No, Toga, don’t stand.’ 

‘Yes, I must’, he blurts out, and stands to his feet. 

‘Oh, this is so terrible’, weeps Meilon. 

Those seated are wiping tears from their eyes.   Some are weeping quietly; others are sobbing. 

‘Look, Caph is standing!’ cries Dani. 

‘Caph, don’t stand’, they call. He looks at them, uncertain what to do. Angel after angel stands. 

Soon thousands are standing in defiance. 

What a sad day. 

When the last angel has stood to his feet, the Father speaks.

‘This is your final decision. If any angel standing wants to change his mind and give honour to My Son, you may do so now. This is your only opportunity to repent.  There will not be another occasion for you to do this.’  

Hundreds of angels sit down, including Caph.  

‘Look, Caph sat down’, cry his friends.  ‘If only Yami and Toga would sit’, they whisper. 

The Father waits for silence, then He speaks to those still standing. 

‘All who are now standing must understand that their decision is final. There can be no change once you leave this hall, no matter how sorry you may feel.  Do you all understand?’ 

Some of the rebel angels call out in defiance.   Most simply nod their heads. 

God‘s heart is aching, but He must carry out justice. 

His righteous character and the government of the universe are being challenged.  He cannot ignore disrespect and defiance any longer. 

The Father makes His final statement to the standing angels. 

‘All angels standing are to move outside the hall. Those still seated please remain quietly in your seats.’ 

It is a noisy exit as one third of the angels leave. 

Loud voices are heard.   Some angels are laughing.     A few ridicule those who remain.    Others appear thoughtful. 

When the doors are shut and all is quiet, the Father speaks. ‘My dear children….   You are sad at this moment.   My Son is also very sad.  We are all sad.  

Let the tears fall, but soon you must dry your eyes, for you will have a part in expelling from heaven those who stood to their feet.  My Son Michael is your Leader, and He will direct you in removing the rebels.  It will be a battle of strength against strength.   And it will be painful my dear children, but evil must be removed. 

Please  dry  your  eyes  and  listen  to  My  beloved  Son,  your Commander.  He will give you your instructions.’ 


‘Jesus, were all the bad angels sent away?’ ask the children. 

‘Yes dear, not one was left.’ 

The children are curious, ‘Where did they go?’ 

Jesus explains, ‘They were sent to an empty planet, one that has no gardens or flowers,  no lovely mansions,  no worship halls, no gold or precious stones, no music…’ 

‘Ooooh, they must have felt terrible’, concludes Summer. 

‘They did’, answers Jesus, ‘especially when they heard the music of worship wafting down from the holy city.’ 

Sitting with his angels on the lonely planet, Lucifer’s remorse grows stronger and stronger.  It is not long before he sends a message to heaven, ‘Can I speak to the Son.’ 

‘He didn’t deserve to see you’, says Jeannette. ‘But did you go?’ 

‘Yes I did.  He was sorry and wanted to come back to heaven, but he could not.  He had made his final decision in the grand hall.’ 

When told, Lucifer sobbed bitterly.   Nothing could be done for him. God’s Son wept with him. 

‘Was there nothing you could do? ’ asks Kevin.

‘No children.  Lucifer and his followers had dwelt in the very presence of God.   They knew what they were doing.   They made a decision to defy the God of the universe, and their decision was final.’ 

Jeannette realises the seriousness of their decision, ‘Ooooh, to disobey is bigger than I thought.’ 

‘Yes my dear, it is very serious to rebel against the living God.   There is nothing ahead for them but death.’ 

‘Why didn’t Lucifer and his angels die?’ wonders Summer. 

‘They will dear’, states Jesus sadly. ‘They will one day.’

Jesus is quiet for a time.  He then speaks of something quite different. ‘Children, My Father and I wanted to do something to help the loyal angels in their pain.  Everyone had lost friends and they were very sad. We decided to begin creating your home.’ 

‘Oooooh,  that  is  good’,  chorus  Jeanette  and  Kevin,  with  Summer joining in.   ‘It’s good.  I am glad.’ 

‘Yes children,’ adds Jesus. ‘The Father and the Son created the earth together.’ 

The children clap their hands.   ‘Did the other world watch too?’ 

‘Oh  Yes’,  replies  Jesus.  ‘The  whole  universe  sang  for  joy.   And tomorrow you will too.’ 

‘Good… good… good.’